Bags Of Raw Chicken Left Unattanded Outside Buffet City International Buffet Restaurant

Every morning around 8am, you can see bags of raw chicken left unattended, outside the door of Buffet City International Buffet Restaurant!  This restaurant is near Pinnacle@Duxton.

I took some pictures. The restaurant was still closed when I took them.  Look at this:


Buffet City Food Duxton 1 Buffet City Food Duxton 2

This is very unhygienic! What if stray animals or pests play around with the chicken?

The restaurant has to do something about this. It’s unfair for the patrons to eat food that was left outside like this. So unhygienic.

Concerned Citizen

*Editor’s Note: When contacted, the restaurant indicated that it was aware of the situation and is working with its supplier to resolve the problem.  The supplier is facing a shortage in manpower in terms of drivers and deliverymen. With the shortage, the current driver, based on the planned delivery route, arrives earlier than the restaurant’s receiving timing. The restaurant pleads for understanding from the public and assures that it prioritises food hygiene.  All raw materials sent to the restaurant are also thoroughly washed before being cooked.

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