Former Bodyguard of Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong Allegedly Cheated Others In Sham Investment Schemes

A police report has been lodged against a former police officer, whose victim is alleging that he used his “high-level connections” during his time as a bodyguard of former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as well as an aide to former President SR Nathan to get people on board a sham investment scheme.

The report came to light after JMS Rogers, a debt collection firm engaged by the victim Sugendran Krishnan, issued a press release along with a copy of the police report.

Mr Sugendran alleged that he and his wife had been conned of S$50,000 by Mr Ananthan Thillagan, who is currently self-employed.

“He said that in the course of his work… he had met and known the inner circle of these politicians … He also said he and some of the powerful contacts he personally knows, including the Minister (for) Trade and Industry, had put in some of their money into this (investment) vehicle,” Mr Sugendran – a former policeman himself – wrote in the police report.

In its press release, JMS Rogers claimed that Mr Ananthan, 35, had “admitted his scam and even signed a promissory note on a repayment plan to our client for the monies owed”. It added: “He also pleaded that we do not report him to the authorities. Unfortunately, he has missed his repayment deadline and has since shown no remorse or sincerity in paying back what was taken.”

Responding to media queries, the police confirmed that a report was lodged on Monday and they are investigating. They added that Mr Ananthan resigned from the police force in July 2011. He was then holding the rank of Sergeant.

“Any criminal offence made out will be firmly dealt with in accordance with the law,” the police said.

When contacted by TODAY, Mr Ananthan would not confirm whether he had served in the police force and had been a bodyguard or aide to the VIPs, citing the Official Secrets Act. He added that his lawyers were looking into the matter. He declined to address the allegations, citing police investigations.



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