SDP Working The Ground In Sembawang GRC

“I thought Lee Kuan Yew said nothing is free?” an elderly resident pointed out when we visited the Sembawang GRC on Sunday. “Then why Lee Hsien Loong giving out this and that? Like he’s very scared like that.”

He was referring to the recent announcements of goodies that the Government made.

“Yes,” we agreed, “the Government is obviously feeling the pressure. But it’s important to remember that it is the opposition that is constantly speaking up that the PAP feels it has to react.”

It is certain, however, that after the elections the PAP will find ways and means to collect back what it gave out before the elections.

The only way to stop this is to ensure that the next Parliament has SDP MPs in it. We will ensure that the Government genuinely takes care of the people rather than employ such cynical and unworthy ploys.

The SDP will be vigilant and push for policies that will make life for the people less stressful and enhance the quality of life in Singapore.

The PAP must not continue to squeeze Singaporeans just so that it can boast that we have huge reserves and then pay its ministers million-dollar salaries.

The greater the strength of the SDP, the less the PAP will bully the people.

On the matter of the MPs in the GRC, a few residents told us that they hardly see their MP Mr Ong Teng Koon. “He’s not very involved with us,” one commented.

On the other hand, residents’ reactions to our work and presence has been encouraging.

This is because the SDP has been visiting these constituencies consistently in our walkabouts, house-visits and kopi sessions since the last elections in 2011.

The exciting news is that we will increase our tempo in 2015 as the next GE draws nearer. We will be announcing our plans soon.



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