Grassroots Wars!

It is absolute nonsense that grassroots members are forced to go overseas.

Most grassroots members are volunteers anyway, so nobody can force them as they could just step down if they so wish. We all know they are there for a purpose.

These people are very greedy people and they engineer everything so they get unbeatable great deals for their personal enjoyment. They plot and mastermind everything and then blame it on the people just like their PAP master.

Let me relate a real life incident which shows how scheming these grassroots people can be.

There was a big notice at my friend’s housing block flat inviting residents for a big durian feast when they attend the meet your MP session. So my friend together with his “kakis” went to attend the session and could not wait to feast on those durians.

After the meet the MP session and a long wait, they were told to go home but they insisted they are also there for the free durian feast. Reluctantly they were told that the durian feast would be held in the evening which was five hours away. With no choice the gang dispersed. However my friend went back five hours later at the appointed time on his own just to find out that the durians were eaten an hour earlier by the grassroots volunteers. The air was filled with durian smell. No more durian, no one responsible. Gone.

It is common that for all good things these greedy grassroots members will try to pull wool over the public’s eyes and claim that the public is not interested and then reserve it for themselves and their family. Their tactic of blaming the public for disinterest is fantastic. Sometimes they even overprice to discourage participation.

All in all they can do these kind of things because they are not transparent and never reveal the cost and the subsidy to anyone except insiders.

After all we all know what kind of accounting mess they have. We also know their lapses and cock ups are pushed to the bogeyman and masses while they would never take honorable responsibility for any failure. It is the trademark practice of the PAP as you can see throughout Singapore.

* Comment appeared in TRE article: Grassroots people forced to go on overseas tour, reproduced below:

Lam Pin Min

I just want to remind the writer that grassroots people are volunteers who don’t get salaries for their services.

Many work for years and never get single cent salary. It’s not unreasonable to reward their many years of sacrifice with a Taiwan retreat, even if there is only a small subsidy for the travelling cost. This is one point, ok?

Ok, now another point, every constituency tries to organise group tour overseas for residents. Goal is to get residents gel together, esp now every constituency has many residents from different cultures and different social backgrounds. It is important to integrate them with our local residents.

Even opposition party constituencies are also doing the same. Their grassroots and MPs all had great time overseas tour, eating and shopping!

After all the sacrifice and hard work organising the overseas tour, not all residents may appreciate. Many residents don’t want to go, so how? The effort will be all wasted with so many empty slots!

So grassroots people get pulled in and forced to go the overseas tour! It’s not free you know! Must pay some money! Some time grassroots people must draw lot like “lucky draw” to see who the unlucky ones are, forcing themselves to join the tour!

The writer think grassroots working for PAP MPs is easy or what? Not true, man! PAP MPs expect high standard from their grassroots people!

You can’t sacrifice and can’t offer high standard then you can only join opposition party grassroots!


Lam Pin Min



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