5 Things Motorcyclists In Singapore Hate

Singapore has 144,934 registered motorcycles in 2013. This number is rising despite the cost of COE. The increased costs to ride can be overlooked as riders get to enjoy the breeze, convenience and the occasional hot chicks wrapped behind their backs.

Despite the cool outlook (except on rainy days!), motorcyclists have to bear with non-weather issues regularly. Here is a rundown of five issues that most motorcyclist hate.

1. Jokers flicked the engine-kill switch while you were away. For a brief moment you thought your engine has died.

2. Pranksters turn off the fuel-cock while you were away cutting off the fuel supply to the engine. And you remember you still have one liter of petrol left.

3. Bird shit. Life sucks when you park in a non-sheltered HDB carpark. You pray hard every morning that you do not have to wipe away the hardened bird droppings on your beloved ride.

4. Stationary drop. How often have you reached your destination, kicked the gear to neutral, turned off the engine and your phone rings? After you hanged up and dismount, your motorcycle drops because you forgot to engage your side stand? Whoops. Heartpain.

5. Carpark gantry unable to read your IU. This has to be the most frustrating occurrence every rider encounters. For some strange reasons, exit gantries located at some carparks are unable to read your IU despite that the device is new and it has no problems with other carparks. This issue always cause a jam behind you and irritated drivers assumed that another cheapo motorcyclist did not top up their cashcard again. This is quite common in some shopping mall carparks.

Riders, what are the other issues you face when you ride? Share it with us!

Source: www.allsingaporestuff.com

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