SG50 Slogans On Your Mail Courtesy Of SingPost

SingPost will celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday with an SG50 slogan every month.

There will be 12 special slogans depicting Singaporeans’ unique and fun traits, values and characteristics. Stamped letters will be imprinted with the slogans, which include the SG50 logo.

For example, the February slogan will be “We Love Festivals”, reflecting the cultural and religious diversity of Singapore. In May, the slogan will be “We Love Shopping” to coincide with the The Great Singapore Sale. The August slogan will be “We Love Our Country”, to celebrate Singapore’s journey of independence and achievements.

The slogans were designed by Wong Wui Kong, who said the illustrations are based on a design concept of “heart”, “smile” and “SG50 logo”. He added: “The heart expresses our love for Singapore. The SG50 logo indicates that it is our nation’s 50th birthday while the smile shows that it is a joyous celebration.”



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