PRC Nurse At KTPH Showed No Empathy For Family By Claiming Audibly That A Patient Was Gonna Die

Dear CEO of KTPH Hospital

I received your service acknowledgment letter. And regrets i am not accepting your apologies for the incident which had happened to myself on 30 December 2014.

The past 17 days of my late mum being hospitalized in the hospital indeed had been very traumatizing for us as a family in whole. I had rushed all the way from abroad to be with my mum and stood vigil by her daily on every morning at 0600 hrs till late nights without fail. The hope of seeing someone you love dearly to get better made me brushed away all hecticness, jet lags and all other challenges i faced during these critical period. Mind you, i have to go through the emotional roller coaster and also taking care of my 6 mth old infant at night and my daddy too. Nevertheless faith and pray kept me and my family together albeit all these.

1. On 30 December as i was in the process of getting my dad the family room next to ICU ward, one of your nurse (a china national) by the name of Cong from ICU unit ward answered a phone call in my presence at the ward’s reception. She probably didnt know i was related to patient she was talking about which is my late mum.

Someone from a control centre called her up and she can cheekily answered in mandarin, “na ge patient ha yao se liao” which is clearly translated in English as “that patient going to die already.” These comments was relayed without abit of remorse and not an inch of empathy.

Here we are going through grievances, and your “foreign talent nurse” who had been assigned to “nurse” my late mum passed such a remarks.

A. Dont your nurses know of words taboo especially when working in such environment? The words i.e. die, mati, se is very very sensitive especially for a patient or their family be it in at any ward. And what made it worst, when my mum is fighting for her life.
B. How can i be really sure your nurses who had been nursing my m been competence enough to handle my mum for the past 17 days?
C. Your foreign talent nurse passed such remarks bluntly without considering the presence of member of public?

3. How i can be sure that she or the nurses there had been compassionate and dedicated their service to the patients without being racists?

2. On 24 Dec 2014, it was also brought to my attention that my family members had witnessed my mum who was in coma suffered blood loss while the nurses did a procedure on her. There was a pool of blood on the bed and under the bed. When i came, i saw my late mum’s hand between fingers were all covered with blood. When questioned we were told that bandage was not “tight” enuff and nurses had to rush to another patient at a nearby bed for resuscitation. My mum temperature dropped tremendously to 33 degrees for the night. Please iron my doubts below.

A. Does that made my mum condition less important, hence she can suffer these lost of blood?
B. If your nurses are competent why the assigned nurse did not ensure that my mum was well taken care first and then proceed with the resuscitation?
C. How qualified are your nurses to handle such situations? Is there any contigency plannings when hansling of critical emergency in an ICU ward?

I am truly purturbed with these incidences and very very traumatized when i hear someone being admitted to the same hospital. Until this very moment as i am writing these, i cant help recalling the words your nurse had muttered and the sight of my late mum’s blood.

This is mind depressing for me and i hate to remind myself that things could have been better handled.

Thank you,

Daughter of late Mdm H



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