Malaysian Navy Chief Claims Credit For QZ8501 Fuselage Find By Singapore Navy

The search for Air Asia flight QZ8501 is an ardous and solemn affair which should be treated with respect. Throughout the multinational search for QZ8501, foreign navies worked hand in hand to give some closure to the family of the victims.

However, it has come to our attention that the Malaysian Navy Chief Abdul Aziz Jaafar  has pulled a cheap stunt out of this tragedy. For reasons unknown, he decided to play up the the Malaysian Navy’s contribution by “stealing” the underwater images uploaded by the Singapore Defence Minister and use it as his own.

Abdul Aziz Jaafar even has “guts” to attribute the QZ8501 main fuselage find to the Malaysian navy ship MGS GEOSURVEY and its ROV team. No disrespect to the contributions of MGS GEOSURVEY but why is Malaysia’s Chief of Navy so keen to claim credit for this find? This isn’t a competition.

Worst still, the Malaysian Navy Chief did not even bother to edit out the images and simply appropriated the images wholesale for his own use. Is this an act of disrespect and slight to the efforts of the Singapore Armed Forces?

To prove this point, the QZ8501 underwater images were uploaded by Ng Eng Heng at 5.51PM (14 January 2015) whereas Abdul Aziz Jaafar sent out his “triumpant” twitter update at 10:45PM (14 January 2015).

What do you think about this gaffe?



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