Maidin Packer: Ignore Charlie Hebdo Cartoons As They Are Not That Of Prophet Muhammad

Cut out the unnecessary riff-raff in our lives…

Dear Brothers and Sisters. Charlie Habdo published more than a million cartoons of what they called Prophet Muhammad. Do you believe the cartoons are of our Prophet? The answer is No!!! You cannot draw a cartoon of a person you have never seen. What is drawn by those people whose aim is to frustrate a billion Muslims in the name of freedom of media, is not but an element of provocation. The best advice to all Muslims is: IGNORE the cartoons; they are not of our Prophet.

What is the best way forward? Please practice the following:
1. Never look at those cartoons.
2. Never forward the cartoon to anybody by email, whatsapp, etc.
3. Keep your frustration in your heart.
4. Follow the way of good Muslims. Never frustrate people of other religions.
5. Always remember – Islam is a religion of peace; so promote peace.
6. Contribute more to Islamic dakwah (walaw karihal kaafiruun)
7. Our best weapon – the truth & good manners so as to attract others to Islam.

Whenever the prophet (SAW) was called by different names, he ignored them & say it doesnt befit him. “I am not that which they are naming me with, for I am Muhammad ibn Abdullah.”


Source: Maidin Packer

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