#IamRaviPhilemon – Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Not Attack On Islam

Dunno if our community knows this. I read on another alternative media actually. As a Muslim I am offended.

After the Charlie Hebdo incident, this Ravi Philemon tweeted #IamCharlieHebdo and express “solidarity with victims of terror attack in France”. This he share himself on his Fb and blog – some people later advise him not to share in bigotry and racism of Charlie Hebdo.

Ravi Philemon - TweetBut he stubborn.  He say from what he understand, Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon was “not against Islam but against ultra-fundamentalism and extremism” (this is his own word you can see his blog on 9 January).

Ravi Philemon IamCharlie

Everybody who follow the Charlie Hebdo saga know they attack Islam…bukan only I say but many other ppl also say! Even the Pope pun lebih open-minded.

If Ravi bother to know Islam he will find out that Islam do not allow picture or drawing of Nabi Muhammad (saw).  We Muslims pun dont do it kan! If against extremism then do caricature on Osama or IS or whoever extremist.  Why must use Nabi Muhammad (saw)???

Even more funny, Ravi said even his Muslim friend tell him that “we need to stand on the right to offend because if not we go down slope of censorship”.  Apa ni? Muslim friend? Who is this Muslim friend? Apa advise dia give Ravi ni? Tak ke ni Charlie Hebdo cartoon is attack on Islam? So just because dier tak nak censor then he is ok with people making fun of Islam?

I shock lar bila tahu dier actually politician from NSP.  Is this the calibre of politician we have?  Or just NSP? Yang NSP Malay members macam mana pulak?

Then last I tengok dier ada make police report on one blogger who also write about this.  The blog is kat sggeneralelections2016.blogspot.com you tengok 11 January punya entry. Dia boleh offend orang tapi orang cannot offend him? Dia confuse ke?

What about Muslims like me yang offended? What about me and my friends who are offended with dier punya pandai-pandai on Islam? Who is he to say that Charlie Hebdo cartoons not attack on Islam? What right he have?

Entah lah why have this kind of people…I dunno why dier mesti action pandai macam dier understand Islam sangat and dier understand intention Charlie Hebdo.  To me dua-dua pun salah.  Condemn lah yang attackers memang patut…they deserve it. Tapi must be fair lar and condemn Charlie Hebdo juga kan?  I betul concern ada politician macam gini.

Tolong publish so that our Muslim friends will be aware.


Muslimah Singapura


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