Zaqy Mohamad Opts Out Of PAP’s CEC Due To Conflict Of Interest

People’s Action Party (PAP) backbencher Zaqy Mohamad will not join the ruling party’s top decision-making body due to a conflict of interest.

Mr Zaqy had been co-opted by the PAP’s 18-member central executive committee (CEC) earlier this month, but has since informed the body that he cannot take up the appointment, according to a statement issued by CEC organising secretary Chan Chun Sing on Friday.

This is because Mr Zaqy’s employer, Ernst & Young, is the PAP’s current auditor.

In his place, the CEC will co-opt backbencher Baey Yam Keng to its ranks, said the statement.

Both Mr Zaqy and Mr Baey are serving their second term in Parliament.

The PAP CEC is made up of 12 elected members, who were chosen by PAP cadres at the party’s conference last December, and six co-opted members.



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