Wear The Hijab – Break The Stereotypes

I am a born Muslim and the family that I am bred in is pretty inclined towards religion. So the idea of significance of Islam and the proper following was innate. The more I matured up, the more I started reading, thinking and well, worrying about the socio-political affairs of the world especially in relation to Islam and Muslims. What I have realized through my humble understanding is that it is becoming more and more important for us to take up the RESPONSIBILITY of being Muslims.

Hijab is a choice yes I agree and no one can force another into donning it. Having said that, I firmly believe that to change a stereotypical perception, one has to take solid courageous steps. The world usually sees Hijab as a sign of oppression, viewing it as more of a sexist notion. In order to break this (oh-so-annoying) stereotype, I feel, Muslim women MUST prove their mettle in every field of life. From Journalism to Medicine to Fashion Designing, just everything! And prove to the world that Hijab does not limit or deprive them from succeeding in the society.

We live in a world where objectifying women is termed as “freedom” and I staunchly believe that if any woman is truly capable of shattering this insulting idea, it has to be a Hijabi! For Hijab gives the people a chance to look for something more than just skin deep in a woman. It compels a person to concentrate upon the intellect and beauty of the brains a woman holds.

I wish to request all of you who are taking out time to read this piece that PLEASE use your capabilities for the betterment of the despicable condition of Ummah. Everyone is born with an ‘IT’ factor PLEASE use it to demolish the horrible lies that are associated with our beautiful religion and costing us innocent lives every single minute. People distort a belief when they know that the beholders of that faith are not brave or steadfast enough to fight back, this is the case with us right now. If we take it upon ourselves that we will not stay quiet about the wrongs and we will show the world what we truly are made of through our highest potential then I promise you, we won’t have to apologize for crimes we did not commit and bad people we do not own.

For starters, Lets get ready for the World Hijab Day!! And from then on, lets live everyday with a fulfilling promise to use our potentials for Islam.


Source: http://worldhijabday.com

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