Roy Ngerng: $29,000 Already Paid To Lee Hsien Loong’s Lawyers From Drew & Napier

Hello everyone,

I just left Drew & Napier’s office a while ago.

I got to their office at 5pm today and sat there for nearly 3 hours.

The court had asked me to pay $29,000 to the lawyers of the Singapore prime minister Lee Hsien Loong, from Drew & Napier, for the summary judgment last year, for his lawyers’ costs.

However, no one from Drew & Napier wanted to see me just now for nearly 3 hours. I sat at their waiting area for 3 hours while Drew & Napier would only speak to me via their receptionist. I even had to write down my queries on a piece of paper so that the receptionist could convey the message.

When I made a call to an Angela Cheng from Drew & Napier, she hanged up my call halfway and did not want to speak to me.

Later, I found out that the prime minister’s press secretary, Ms Chang Li Lin, once again issued a statement for him.

She said that, “under the lawyers’ professional rules, a lawyer cannot, without the consent of the opposite party’s lawyer, deal directly with the opposite party”.

So, Drew & Napier refused to accept my payment and Ms Chang went ahead to say that Drew & Napier can file an application in court “to compel payment and for costs”.

“If that order is granted and payment is still not made, Mr Lee will avail himself of his legal remedies,” she also said.

The prime minister wants to apply to the court to make me pay for most costs, if I don’t make the payment. But I was actually sitting in Drew & Napier’s office for 3 hours, waiting to make payment.

I was initially unable to contact my lawyer earlier as he had a court case to attend to. Eventually, I managed to contact him and he was able to inform Drew & Napier to collect the payment of $29,000 from me.

You can see the receipt below.

Please note that this $29,000 is not what I have to pay to the prime minister in damages. This is only for his lawyers’ costs for the summary judgment.

There will still be another hearing in June to determine how much I would have to pay the prime minister in damages. The prime minister has filed for the defamation suit in the high court, which oversees cases of more than $250,000, so this is the least that the prime minister wants me to pay to him.

I am appalled that the prime minister’s press secretary has once again issued a statement on his behalf. The prime minister is not allowed to sue me in his position as a prime minister. As such, he is not allowed to use state resources, such as his press secretary, to release statements or act on his behalf.

The payment to the prime minister’s lawyers has now been made. I will have to pay even more when the hearing on the damages is heard in June.

On Wednesday, the CPF Advisory Panel released their recommendations. But I have explained yesterday that nothing has changed about the CPF. Singaporeans’ CPF will still be trapped inside and Singaporeans will still not be able to earn more in our CPF. The PAP businessmen will not help Singaporeans. The PAP businessmen will not protect Singaporeans.

What happened today has caused much distress. But it’s settled. If you want your CPF to be returned to you, the only way you will get it back if you stand up and fight for it.




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