Has Lawyer M Ravi Had Enough Of His Client CPF Blogger Roy Ngerng?

The following video, believed to have been recorded on Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, outside the Subordinate Courts, shows lawyer M Ravi talking at length about his client, CPF blogger Roy Ngerng.

The purpose of Ravi’s court attendance, as he explains in the video, appears to be for an application for Ngerng to leave Singapore’s jurisdiction to go to Norway.

But Ngerng didn’t show up.

Here is a snippet of what Ravi said to the camera at 3 minutes 25 seconds:

“And you know what, to date, I’ve done so much of work and he’s keeping all the money, a hundred thousand I guess, to the tune of $70,000 or so. And what has happened?

He’s now blogging I understand.

Why is he not in this court when he wants to leave jurisdiction today to Norway? The application had been… the court is just waiting for him. Why is he not turning up to court? Why is he not answering anybody? Why is he not calling my office? Why did he not say that ‘Ravi or even a message I’m sorry I’m not turning up, I’m not leaving the country’. There’s no respect for the judge. Yet he has the gall and temerity to say that our judges are corrupted, our judges are not independent and this and that. And what respect do you have?

He goes behind my back, he goes and blogs, you know? And I’m going to discharge, if he is continuing his behaviour, either he goes and see a psychiatrist…


… because I’m fighting for him tooth and nail and he’s swindling the money.”

Here is the video:


Update, Feb. 8, 2015, 12.30am: The previous uploaded video is no longer accessible:


A rift appeared to have occurred between lawyer and client when Ravi had to publicly distance himself a few weeks ago from a potentially libellous online article put out by Ngerng and his friends.

Ravi also said Ngerng is “too impulsive” to contest the next General Election with him in the same team.

We’d include more details about the origins of the video when we find out more.


The video was produced by an individual by the name of Teo En Ming, who is popularly known in the Hardwarezone forums as sgvideoman.

Teo raised eyebrows last year when he filed a police report after his Hardwarezone forum account ‘sgvideoman’ was banned from the forums by one of the moderators.

His ‘fame’ on the Hardwarezone forum stemmed from his claim that he is being targeted by the Singapore Government and had lost two jobs because of it. His claim can be found in this Hardwarezone thread titled “(Wanbao material) Guy gets fired for shltting everywhere in the company“.

Teo also stated that he has filed a complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council about the Singapore Government for persecuting and blacklisting him. He also claimed that he could have been poisoned by the Singapore Government in his complaint.


Source: http://mothership.sg

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