Statement From The Real Singapore On Arrest

One of the Editors who is involved in running The Real Singapore has been called up for Investigation by the Police along with about 4 others in relation to an article about the Thaipusam Incident which was an article compiled based on various witness accounts.

​Some time in the future, we will be publishing a full story and explain clearly everything that we can share. This may also include how we work and who is behind the website but currently, as investigations are ongoing, such a full response would be inappropriate.

In fact, there appears to already be a bit of misinformation as very little information has actually been shared with the media.

This lack of information has resulted in some misleading articles being published in the mainstream media in regard to this issue including a Channel News Asia article which suggested that the arrest (on 6th Feb) was made after an MHA statement warning the public about making comments about the Thaipusam Incident (statement made on 14 Feb):

The Real Singapore Statement

Also, only 1 Editor behind the website has been brought in for investigation. It is understood that she is currently cooperating fully with the police.

Investigations are centering around only this 1 article and all other contributors and other articles are currently not being probed.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to run the website with minimal interruption and hope to receive your support.

Again, we’d like to wish our readers a happy lunar new year!



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