Be Grateful For Lee Kuan Yew

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) is at the gun sight of his detractors and enemies again, taking in potshots from all directions in the social media, simply because he was in the news for being hospitalised. The criticisms, condemnations, curses and swearing is gathering storm again.  Even anyone who speaks up for him becomes the target. Who are these hateful ingrates? Mainly his political opponents, past and present. The social media has allowed them to amplify their hates. I will try to balance these with the good things that LKY has done for ordinary people. I will look at them from an ordinary, layman perspective.

No fear of starvation. Food aplenty, in quantities and varieties. Clothing aplenty, in quantities, varieties, styles and fashions. Don’t have to sleep in the streets. Roof over my head which I can call my own. Good sanitation system. You flush the toilet and walk away without looking back, without worrying if it will work. Home has uninterrupted supplies of water, gas and electricity. The water can be drunk straight out of the tap. Can walk from a residential block to bus-stops, MRT stations, markets, other residential blocks, etc., rain or shine, because of sheltered walkways. Good waste disposal. No unsightly and stinking piles of rubbish lying around. Cleanliness. Few litters found on the ground, though this is changing for the worse as more foreigners come in. No unsightly sticky chewing gum in public places. No fear of stepping or sitting on one.

Good education and training, leading to good jobs. Can continually upgrade. The limit is myself. Good quality and affordable health care. Public and private medical institutions aplenty. Infectious and communicable diseases are well under control. Good public sports facilities. Stadiums, swimming pools, exercise stations are available. Individual or group can exercise in the nature parks.

Good transportation; land, sea and air. Public land transportation is well-integrated. Air-conditioned bus stations are built close-by to air-conditioned MRT station. The buses and MRT coaches are all air-conditioned. Its air-conditioned comfort all the way. Combine this with the sheltered walkways, it means you can start from your living quarter and travel to a destination without a drop of sweat or a drop of rain.

Good communication system which enables the country to be well linked to the rest of the world with the latest in communication technology. Good physical environment. The rivers and reservoirs have clean water, The air quality is good, except when smog blows over from neighboring countries. The whole country is like a garden, with green grass, colorful flowers and tall healthy trees everywhere, all well maintained.

Good financial control. Never heard of a run on a bank. No one has ever lost money because a bank has gone bust. The nation’s currency is one of the strongest in the world. Good internal security. Low crime rate. Can walk the streets safely at night. Can walk and jog safely in the parks at night. No gunfights on the streets. No school children ever get shot in schools.

Strong defence backed by an advanced and well-equipped military. We have been able sleep soundly since the last external threat during the Confrontation. Good international diplomacy. We don’t make enemies, only friends. Good political stability. Govt does not change like I change shirt
everyday. This allows big, long term projects to be realised from planning to completion.

Good social order. No serious racial or religious conflicts despite being a multi-racial and multi-religious nation. Strong economy. Good quality foreign investments continue to flow in. Unemployment is low. Not satisfied with being good, things are continually being improved to make them better.

If this is not paradise, what is? How does it come about? Strong government with sound values. And that’s the PAP, under LKY.


Submitted by TRE reader.



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