SDP: Government Less Elitist, But System Still Far From Fair And Sustainable

By raising income tax rates for the top 5 per cent and setting up the Silver Support Scheme to give payouts to the lower-income elderly, Budget 2015 has shifted the Government to a “less extreme elitist position”, said the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) in a statement responding to the Budget today (Feb 25).

But while measures to aid the “poor and weak” are welcome, Singapore is still far from a fair and sustainable system, the party said.

The shift in the Government’s policies have come about not because of a change in the People’s Action Party’s ideology, but because of electoral pressure, the SDP said. “In the meantime, the ruling party continues to ignore the critical issues such as minimum wage, universal healthcare and retention of our CPF savings,” they added.

Adding it was imperative for Singaporeans to support the SDP in the next General Election, the party said it plans to campaign on policies which include raising taxes on the top 1 per cent earners in Singapore to pay for financial assistance. “This Budget is a clear demonstration of how a competent, constructive and compassionate opposition like the SDP benefits Singaporeans,” they said.



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