SIA Offered Me 20 Minutes Holiday In Langkawi…

A few weeks ago, I booked SilkAir flights from Changi Airport for a party of three, due to arrive in Langkawi on March 7 at 10.05am and departing from there the next day at 8.45pm.

Recently, I was contacted by SilkAir’s parent company Singapore Airlines (SIA) and advised that my flight home from Langkawi on the evening of March 8 had been cancelled “for commercial reasons”.

I was offered, instead, a flight scheduled to leave Langkawi on the morning of March 7, about 20 minutes after I was due to arrive.

What was SIA thinking, offering me a holiday of just 20 minutes?

I had to cancel my planned weekend in Langkawi.

Ronald Brett

*This is a Straits Times’ Forum Letter



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