5 Reasons Josephine Teo’s Service To Singapore Should Be Measured In Dollars And Cents

In a post-budget 2015 forum on Feb. 26, 2015, Minister of State Josephine Teo was asked if national servicemen should be paid more.

She said she noted the importance of giving NSmen recognition, but service for the country cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Here are 5 reasons why only Josephine Teo’s contributions to Singapore can be measured in dollars and cents:

1. She is from the PAP.

Only dollars and cents apply to them.

2. It is a privilege for Singaporean Sons to serve National Service. Being a Minister of State, on the other hand, is a thankless job.

Only money can be used as compensation.

3. Because National Service is its own reward.

And because serving Singapore as a Minister of State is not its own reward.

4. Because Full-time National Servicemen get paid such a miniscule derisory amount it doesn’t even matter.

Unlike what she gets, which can be counted easily because it is so much.

5. She is the bulwark against any invasive force.

She is not part of Total Defence. She is Total Defence itself.

She can singlehandedly defend Singapore’s sovereignty by herself. That’s why only her contributions can be quantified in dollars and cents.


Source: http://newnation.sg

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