Voice Of One Meets Hindu Endowment Board For Showdown

The ‘Voice of One’ with a team of 6 spokespersons from the public attended the meeting with HEB on 6 Mar 2015 from 11:30 am to 13:30 pm .The main agenda of ‘Voice of One’ (VOO) for this meeting is to feedback the voices of many with regards to the restrictions imposed on the musical instruments to be played during Thaipusam procession in Singapore. Along with this, few other issues pertaining to Thaipusam was raised by VOO. The following are the main questions and feedbacks by VOO to HEB:

1. The condition by HEB for Kavadi bearers to leave the temple by 5pm.

2. The shortening of this time frame; from 7pm to 6pm and now to 5pm.

3. The quota being placed for devotees to participate while it deprives others to participate and fulfil their vows.

4. The condition on Kavadi participants to stop playing music at the temple by 3pm.

5. The ambiguity in HEB’s guidelines for Thaipusam 2015, clause number 3 with regards to the restrictions imposed on singing and music.

6. The underlying reasons for the banning of musical instruments.

7. The lack of music support by HEB on the roads during the procession.

8. The significance of music throughout the entire procession.

9. To conduct research and survey before making certain important decisions that can affect the devotees.

10. To uplift restrictions on musical instruments such as portable radios so that everyone has the opportunity to have music on equal footing.

11. To better train and counsel HEB volunteers and members to improve their standards in managing the crowds.

12. To stop stereotyping of Indians with rowdyism by using that as a reason for many of their rules and regulations.

13. To support and encourage religious tolerance by relaxing their rules.

14. To advocate better for the Hindu community by considering feedback from participants

We will soon update the responses from HEB after finalizing our minutes. Stay tuned for more updates

Voice of ONE


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