71 Year Old Woman Leg Stuck Between Bus Doors At Marsiling, Injured After Being Dragged

71-year-old Madam Ang Kim Seng was alighting from SMRT bus 903 when her right leg got stuck between the doors and was subsequently dragged along the road.

This incident occurred on Mar 18, at about 8.45am, when she was alighting from a bus stop near Block 23 Marsiling Drive, according to Shin Min Daily News.

Madam Ang recounted in an interview with the Chinese newspaper:

“I was the only one to alight at that time.

“I pressed the bell, the bus reached my stop, and I tapped my EZ-link.”

She stretched her right leg out to step out of the bus, and before her leg touched the ground, the bus doors closed.

“I lost my balance and fell backwards. The bus started moving off.

“I immediately shouted loudly for help.”

She was inside the bus, but the bus doors had closed on her right leg and it was being dragged outside.

A passenger who was also on the bus at that time said, “The bus drove for about 1-metre before it stopped. Many people were crowding near the door.”

Blood could be spotted flowing non-stop from the elderly woman’s 10-cm long gash.

Madam Ang sustained injuries to her right foot, right elbow, and head.

She was sent to Khoo Teck Puat hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery.

Her daughter shared, “My mother’s wound has an infection.

“She’s currently being monitored by the hospital, and might need to undergo a skin graft to cover up the wound.”


Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg

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