Man Jailed 10 Years For Slashing Neighbour With Samurai Sword, And Drug Consumption

A jobless man who went round to his neighbour’s house and slashed him with a mini samurai sword in a row over a debt was jailed for 10 years on Wednesday.

Abdul Rahman Ibrahim pleaded guilty last September to trespassing into the home of Yun Yew Lee, 41, and injuring him on his forearm and lower back on June 6 last year. He also pleaded guilty to one of two drug consumption charges after taking morphine last November.

The court heard that Abdul Rahman had been on good terms with Mr Yun until their relationship soured over a partially-returned debt.

At about 4pm on June 6, he took a mini samurai sword with a 32cm-long blade and a chopper from his flat in Commonwealth Crescent and entered Mr Yun’s unit. He felt he had been offended by the victim and decided to “settle it” with him.

The victim was lying on the mattress in the living room and talking to his 12-year-old nephew when Abdul Rahman came and slashed him on his left forearm.

When the victim tried to turn away from him, he was slashed again.

Abdul Rahman stopped and left when Mr Yun’s brother came out of a room.

Abdul Rahman appeared in court on the morning of Nov 14 to be sentenced but absconded that afternoon when further submissions were due to have been made by the prosecution. An arrest warrant was issued.

He was arrested at his home on Nov 25 for suspected drug consumption.

His urine sample tested positive for morphine.

In 2002 he had been sentenced to nine years’ preventive detention for drug-related offences, and was therefore liable for enhanced punishment of seven to 13 years for taking morphine.

District Judge Mathew Joseph said on Wednesday he had quite a “disturbing” record.

Abdul Rahman pleaded for another chance and promised not to re-offend but Judge Joseph said: “Your promise rings quite hollow especially in light of your absconding.”

He sentenced him to 24 months for house trespass and eight years for drug consumption. An 18-month sentence for causing hurt with a dangerous weapon will run concurrently.



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