Muslims Should Do Duty For Allah And Seek Approval Only From Him

Dear brothers and sisters

When we speak about what has been going on the last few days, do not do so because we hate a man.

Or because we are angry with members of the community.

Those who have made mistakes (and some who keep doing so) are our brothers and sisters. We do not speak out of anger or hatred. We speak to remind each other and ourselves.

We speak to strengthen the ummah.

LKY is irrelevant. We need to reject his ideology especially as it pertains to Islam.

There are too many Muslims who have followed his way.

They give up Allah’s commands to please him.

They compromise Islam.

They sought his approval rather than Allah.

These are the ideologies and behaviour that we need to reject. We need to make sure it is removed from the community.

The only one we seek approval from is Allah. Not any man.

We do not make excuses for compromises. What is wajib is wajib.

When someone stops us from our obligations to Allah, we strive to remove the hindrance. Not to simply keep quiet and accept.

We remind each other not out of anger or hatred.

But because we love our brothers and sisters.

We are Muslims.

And that is all that matters.


Source: Zulfikar Shariff

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