Israeli President Pay Respects To Lee Kuan Yew

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin paid his respects to Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew at Parliament House on Friday (Mar 27).

Mr Rivlin cited Ecclesiastes 7:1 from the Bible’s Old Testament in his tribute to Mr Lee. “’A good name is better than a good perfume’, for a good name will last forever.  In memory of a leader whose deeds and legacy will be remembered always. A dear friend of Israel and the Jewish people,” he wrote in Mr Lee’s official book of condolence.

Mr Rivlin will attend Mr Lee’s State Funeral on Sunday at the National University of Singapore’s University Cultural Centre. The Israeli President said he also hoped to strengthen ties between the two nations during his visit.

“It is a great privilege for me to participate in the funeral of Lee Kuan Yew, and during my visit, I intend to do all in my power to strengthen ties, and to express our deep appreciation for all that you do, and continue to do for the state of Israel,” The Times of Israel reported Mr Rivlin as saying.

Earlier in the week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an official statement that Mr Lee will be remembered with great admiration and respect.

“Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore, was not only a great leader of his nation, but also a figure of great international renown,” he said.

“Under his leadership, Singapore set an example of how a small country can become an economic powerhouse by harnessing the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of its people. He will be remembered in Israel and around the world with great admiration and respect.”​



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