Former China Tour Guide Yang Yin Left Out Of Wealthy Widow’s Will

Former China tour guide Yang Yin will not be entitled to any part of Madam Chung Khin Chun’s assets after the Court recognised a new will drawn up by the wealthy widow.

The will was made in December last year, and it leaves most of her assets to charity, and nothing to Yang. It replaces an earlier will made in 2010, in which the 88-year-old had left her entire estate — estimated at S$40million — to Yang.

Mdm Chung had met Yang while on a trip to Beijing, where the latter acted as her private tour guide. A year later, Yang moved into Madam Chung’s Gerald Crescent bungalow to live with her. The widow’s niece, Madam Hedy Mok, later filed for legal action against Yang, accusing him of taking advantage of her aunt, who has since been diagnosed with dementia.

Mdm Chung’s lawyer Peter Doriasamy told TODAY that the court had “acted in (her) best interest… in light of what we have found out about Yang Yin”. The new will was made under the Mental Capacity Act due to Mdm Chung’s condition, Mr Doriasamy said. He added that under the new will, Madam Chung’s fortune will go to various charities after she dies.

Yang’s lawyer Daniel Zhu said that he has applied for permission to meet with his client — who has been in remand since Oct 31 last year — sometime next week, to receive instructions on how to proceed.

Separately, Yang is facing more than 300 charges in total, including two for criminal breach of trust, for allegedly misappropriating S$1.1million of Madam Chung’s assets.



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