Muslim Customers Also Have The Right To Eat And Shop In A Dog-Free Environment

Aiseyman! Just because someone is visually impaired, does it gives her the right to demand access for herself and her guide dog to wherever? And when she is denied access to a shop because of her anjing she plays the victim by using her handicap status to call out the shop for discriminating her. If like that also can, then can Muslims walk into a bar and demand that they are served halal food and drinks, and when they are denied that, call the bar out on religious discrimination? If we really did that, many people will not be sympathetic to us, but they will criticise us and say that we are difficult to integrate with.

This is not the first time that the guide dog and its owner have made a big fuss over denied entries into shops and eateries. She has complained about and shamed the staff at Macdonalds, Haagen Daz, Forever 21 and now Zara. Yet her sense of entitlement is so huge that she forgets that in every transaction, there is both a buyer and a seller, and that both players have the right to accept or refuse each other. She may think that she has a right to be in the shop with her dog, but so do the Muslims who also have the right to patronise the shop. If the shop allows her dog in, what about Muslims who are averse to any contact with dogs? What about people with allergies who cannot be in contact with animal fur and dander? Can they also say that they are being discriminated against if guide dogs are allowed on their premises?

It is the shop’s perogative to control the human traffic that flows into their premises, and staff they should not be shamed for doing so in order to protect their other customers. To give another relevant example, many people don’t scream discrimination when a club bouncer refuses entry of a drunk person (to protect the drunk and others in the club) or a person who is underdressed (to maintain the club’s image).

This is not to say that people should totally turn a blind eye to those with handicap, but there should be mutual respect and give and take also right? If she really wanted to be in the shops so badly, why couldn’t she park her dog with the friend outside or use a walking stick to help her get around? Like that, I think the shops will be more than happy to serve her. But no, it seems she only wants everyone to accomodate her and her dog without sparing a thought for anyone else.



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