Ex-SCDF Regular: The Boys Need To Learn Their Lesson, We Need To Help Them Move On

Tak surprising video budak-budak SCDF huru-harakan bunk mereka mendapat perhatian awam.

Apa kan tidak? Bunk dah bukan macam bunk lagi. Tilam ke mana katil ke mana. Yang satu lagi kelihatan meroko di dalam bunk. Ni semua perkara yang bukan diajar SCDF.

Tidak pernah saya dalam lebih 25 tahun saya dalam SCDF tengok loss of discipline macam ni.

We face the facts. Senang cakap,rata-ratanya budak-budak SCDF ni memang nakal-nakal. Their background, most of them, they do not have good qualifications some of them from broken homes, some of them parents keluar masuk jail. You have to look very hard to find a boy from a good school like RI or what not….Scholars and officers you don’t count.

But even though they come from unfortunate background, I can wholeheartedly say,for those people I trained and trained/worked with, I can trust my life in their hands.

They brave and courageous. Very good firefighters.  You give them an order, they tak gentar tak terfikir berkal-kali. Dia pergi dia complete the task or the rescue.

Now the section commanders may not necessarily be the bravest or the fittest, but they are leaders and we epect them to lead.  Some are reluctant. Most come from poly. A few sign-on after poly. They are very dedicated the regulars because this is their rice bowl. Cari makan orang Melayu kata. They don’t spit in that rice bowl.

So i don’t know how come his bunch so teruk gini.

I’m sure, you put men together,put them through thick and thin, in the end they forge a deep bond and camaraderie.  They do naughty things. Blanket party. Play pranks. Like me. People put kiwi on my toothbrush. We laugh and we move on.

But these people destroyed property which was handed to them in good condition. They could have been told to sleep on matresses on the floor as part of the course. But no. Because SCDF care. It’s SCDF core values.  Pride and care.

But these gentlemen never show that. This is not the kind of section commanders or leaders in the SCDF. What they think there’ll be Banglas or maids to clean after them? Ni kita tak nak fikiran macam gini, orang yang tak responsible dalam SCDF.

Should they be sent to DB or should they be removed of their ranks and FF badges? That is for SCDF to decide after investigation completed.

However pada pendapat saya, kita harus ingat yang mereka ni semua masih muda dan ada masa depan mereka. Some also may have to to take care of their familiy and may have young children or sick parents and grandparents that depend on them.

Whatever the punishment is, they have to understand that what they do is wrong and that future batches don’t follow the same way. But hopefully, we don’t destoy their future with the punishment. Build them up. Help them to reintegrate, especially the regulars. It’s not corruption or it’s not refusing to carry out their duties. If convicts can be rehabilitated, I am confident ini budak-budak boleh change their life.


Concerned Ex-Regular


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