Woman Told Off Man For Physically Abusing Tudung-Clad Wife But Victim Played Down Incident

I will tell you why the Asian mentality is extremely hopeless sometimes.

Boarding on a Malindo Airlines flight from BKI to KUL on OD1003.

This man on the right repeatedly slapped the lady in tudung on her head a few times over – I heard about 3 smacks and turn around to see his hand moving towards her head again. It was a loud smack that we all could hear and shocked me enough to turn around. Lady was crying as they walked to board the plane.

Many others including myself saw it and no one seems to care or was too busy staring at their phones to notice! There’s these two big burly looking men walking right behind the couple and myself and I am positively sure they saw it too.

When I told him off and raised my voice – the two men told me to hush and not to create trouble. They then pat the man in red on the back and told him to just calm down, bincang nanti and looked over to the girl and said Sudah, Sudah. Girl looked at me and told me “no no it’s ok. Sudah biasa takpe masalah sahaja”

They then also turned around and told me that people have troubles and don’t worry about it. They also asked if I really did see it?

And also here we are in an airport about to board the plane – you would think that security and staffs are constantly alert and observant.

No one else said a thing. No one.

How have we as a society – and unfortunately I see this much more in an Asian society, turn a blind eye even when something that is obviously wrong happening right in front of you?

All these bunch of people standing around us – I am so sad and disappointed to be living amongst you. I am so sad that we let a man hit a woman in public and let him get away with it. I am sad that when confronted this woman who was hit, think it’s ok for her partner(which I am assuming he is) to treat her like that in public. I am annoyed that Malindo staff standing right at the door of the plane said nothing and allow this man to board the flight.

For every time that you say nothing, do nothing and not speak up when someone use aggression onto you or another person – you are silently encouraging and applauding this person’s action.

Violence against women is never right. Violence against men is also never right. Violence against anything will never be right.

It is an even bigger problem when you as a victim choose to brush this off and let your aggressor get away with their actions. I am extremely sad because it clearly shows our education and society has failed to create a safe environment for victims to feel safe if they are attacked. I am sad because our education system (if there is any…) has failed to raise strong independent women. We have failed to raise men to have respect.

There is nothing right about this situation at all.


Source: Bea Meow

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