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Singaporean Indian Subjected To Racist Abuse By 3 Chinese Man Who Thought He’s From Bangladesh

Tonight, as I cycled home from my girlfriend’s place, a van slowed down ahead of me, and a young Chinese man stuck his head out of the van to yell “Fucking Bangla” at me. Of course it immediately made me…
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Uncle’s Friend Dirtied Car With Vomit, Uncle Unfairly Takes It Out On Valet Driver, Boasted To Attending Police Officers That He Got Money

You needed a driver (even from East Coast Park lagoon to CCK n Jurong West), we provided one. You needed to drop a friend home, we followed your instructions. But we didn’t tell your friend to vomit in your car!!…
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68 Suspek Diberkas Dalam Serbuan Dadah Di Tampines, Bt Batok, Bedok, Woodlands Dan Punggol

68 suspek pesalah dadah ditangkap dan dadah bernilai lebih S$29,000 dirampas selepas operasi empat hari dijalankan di merata negara ini, menurut Biro Narkotik Pusat (CNB) dalam satu kenyataan hari ini (7 Jul). CNB menambah operasi itu, yang dijalankan dari 3…
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