Amos Yee: The Molestation Of Vincent Law

I should issue a sincere apology to Vincent Law? Hahahahaha.

It once again is alarmingly indicative of the inherent stupidity of our species to immediately formulate a stance, with a complete lack of evidence, and say it with such conviction. That is of course the mindset inherent in that of religion. I’m still really skeptical of my Christian fans by the way, you’re supposed to damn me (Mark 3:29) yet you hold me a vigil.

Now the preconceived notion portrayed on the media towards Vincent is simply that he put himself in the line of fire, he assisted me by putting up $20000, and allowed a rebellious 17-year-old boy to be able to come out of prison, and attain his freedom. He is a generous, kind-hearted Christian, caring and with lots of love.
So now, when I made allegations that he molested me, people would then start blaming me. This person helped you Amos, he risked his reputation and his own money for you, and yet you accuse him of molestation.
So now, let me reveal the inherent fallacy in even attempting to make a definitive claim towards my allegation, the fact that nobody but me(At least until you finish reading this blog post), knows what Vincent did, during the one-and-a-half weeks that he was my bailer.

The media that my fans so boldly criticized when I was maligned, and now you fall prey to it, just because it’s not TheStraitsTimes that’s doing it anymore, but TheOnlineCitizen. This is what happens when you decide to make your decisions based on biasness and sticking to your side, instead of actual logic, even Roy Ngerng seems to be guilty of that, saying ‘oh my gosh, it’s going to be so hard for us to advocate for you, now that you’ve humiliated Vincent’.

So let me tell you, if my fanbase consists of hypocrites, then despite your support I wouldn’t want it. When things looks bad, and you threaten to remove the support you once had for me. Then fine, good riddance. If that’s the kind of support I receive, one that’s so easily withdrawn, then believe me, I do not wish to acquire your quote unquote ‘support’.

Anyways, I’m sure all of you are reeling in excitement, so let’s get to Vincent.

As you guys know, I’ve experienced a lot over the past couple of months, I got charged, I was sent to jail, I got assaulted in the face. However, I would make the claim, that having Vincent Law as a bailer, is personally, to me, the most unnerving aspect of this whole experience.

And although Vincent didn’t sodomize me physically, he did violate me emotionally, and I am going to reveal how he did that, right now.

Part 1: The incidents that lead to the series of unfortunate events

First, I shall answer the question: Who the fuck is Vincent Law? And how the fuck did he manage to become my bailer?

Well more than 3 days after I was sent to Changi Prison, nobody came up to my parents to offer to be my bailers or assist in finding bailers. I do not blame any of you because the only way you can contact my parents is via their phone number, which obviously majority of the people don’t have, and as of now, they still do not have active Facebook accounts.

However, about 2 days before the court date, a lad by the name of Jonovan, whom my mom and I had met in a little activist get-together, came along and said that there were 3 people who were willing to be my bailers, and he would pick the best one to do so.

A day before the court, my mother was then introduced to Vincent, and Jonovan said that this was the person who was going to be my bailer, and my mother accepted it. My mother completely trusted Jonovan and did not bother to meet up the other people who offered to be bailers or question the criteria of Jonovan’s choice.
In view of the bail officer, my mother, stupidly trusting Jonovan’s choice, consented. And my father, without even meeting Vincent at all until that moment, being the blur dumb fuck that he is, simply consented, not at all fearful that the bailer that he got for his son might be a raving lunatic. This is of course representative of him being the negligent parent, which is why he has offered close to no assistance to my mother in terms of parenting for the past 10 years, and is languishing alone in the house we have at Jurong.
So my parents, and the bailing officer, whom did not attain my consent at all, allowed Vincent to be my bailer.
Afterwards, I found out that there were an additional 4 people during the court day, some of whom I had known, and all of whom I would have definitely preferred to be my bailers, whom were willing to bail me. However, for a reason completely unknown to me, 2 of them didn’t say anything, and the other 2 revealed their willingness to be my bailer only during the time when the bail was already being processed.

After I was released at the bail center, I immediately had dinner with Jonovan and he shared with me the reason why he chose this stranger to be my bailer. He gave several reasons like the fact that he was mostly unknown, comparatively to other people, his reputation least likely to be stained if he were to be associated with me, he wasn’t political, so people would not accuse me of collaborating political party to further their political goals (Which really isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Basically, unlike me who would have played a little more creatively with the concept of the bailer-bailee relationship, Jonovan made thethe most boring choice,because he thought it was the most ‘strategic.
However, I think that the variable that Jonovan probably did not consider, which was the most important one, at least to me, was whether or not the bailer would be an asshole.

Though maybe Jonovan did, and like so many others, maybe Vincent manipulated Jonovan into thinking that he would be the nicest bailer out of those 3 people, but seeing what Vincent did to me, I am extremely skeptical of that.

Maybe in the near future, Jonovan might wish to clarify further the aspects he considered when he his decision. But currently, as of now, I feel compelled to say, fuck you Jonovan.

It’s a rare circumstance where there are several people who are willing to be bailers, and unfortunately there was no distinct avenue for bailer auditions.

So in a moment of miscommunication, ignorance and confusion, what I ended up with as a bailer, was Vincent Law.

Part 2: The Molestation

Once I went out of the bail center, I saw my family, Vincent and some other friends, and the first thing that Vincent said to me was:

‘Hello, I am Vincent your bailer. I think the first thing you should know about me is that I’m a Christian’
And I responded with a resounding ‘Oh fuck..’

And he replied: ‘Yes, so deal with it!’

He then said that he had something on in the evening, and would meet me tomorrow before I went to see the lawyers, which I agreed on.

The initial gut feeling was that Vincent was an absolute fucking asshole, but I was never a person to judge someone based on first impressions, they’re never fully accurate (Though in this case it was). And yeah he was a Christian, but I could work around that, why not? Not all religious people are vicious cunts, all my good friends from Secondary School are Buddhist, so regardless of absolutely abhorring their religious views, I can still like and interact with them.

The next day, we met up at a coffee shop and instituted the appropriate introductions and our first conversation. He asked about my background, my interests and my intentions in lieu of my charges which I readily provided to him.

The first few minutes that I talked to him, he seemed like a relatively harmless person, serviceable, but bland, nothing particularly special about him, no truly interesting or provocative views or delivery, been there done that.

But as we went along, Vincent then decided to discuss with about religion. And from there the meat-headed conservatism commonly upheld by fundamentalist Christians, soon emerged.

He tried to explain why he practiced the fate, the supposed tenants of Christianity, what the advocates of Jesus are. And his points, like every theist who tries to validate their religion, was absolutely baseless and horrible.

So I responded with the usual Atheist arguments of there’s absolutely no evidence at all that Jesus existed, the false sense of hope created by religion impedes one to more effectively solve personal problems and thus impedes the betterment of oneself, Christianity is responsible for several generations of violence and still is responsible for causing turmoil and fear to adherents alike, you know the common, simple basic refutations of religion.

Then he just sat there, face stern, chest upwards, with the air of a hot-headed bull, and then said to me:

Oh well since I’m a Christian,and you don’t like religion, then I guess you don’t like me, so maybe I should just discharge myself as your bailer!’

Wow…… What the fuck? That seemed a little uncalled for.. What’s up with the threat?

So I calmed him down and said it’s all cool, just because someone disagrees with a person’s views, doesn’t mean that they think the person is bad, nor does it mean you have to hate him for it.

So he became calm and cool and we continued a peaceful conversation, we met the lawyers, had lunch and then I left for home.

But needless to say, I already did not like him.

The next day, he did not contact me. However the following day, during the evening, he called my number and told me that the directors of Public Enemy invited me to their play, and Vincent wanted me to accept the invitation, he also requested a meet-up with me tomorrow after I had seen IO Jason chua. However, I wasn’t in the mood, and declined the invitation.

You know, because I’m an introverted teenager and I wanted some time alone for myself, I wanted to write the 10 posts that I was going to use to breach the terms of the bail, I wanted to complete the 5th dungeon of Bowser’s Inside Story, and I wanted to catch up on season 5 of Game Of Thrones.

So because of those reasons and also the fact that I’d already started to dislike talking to him I expressed displeasure with wanting to meet with him the following day or attend the play, admittedly a little vehemently, and urged him to perhaps provide me a little space and postpone our meeting to a date where I was more enthusiastic in indulging in a social get-together.

And ever since then, the shit fucking happened.

He then shouted on the phone, ‘How dare you refuse a meeting with your bailer! This is unacceptable! I have a responsibility as a bailer! I am going to discharge myself!’

Wow, wow what?! Don’t discharge yourself. What the fuck?! Hi wow, it’s not fucking funny, a person might have to go back to prison because of that!

’24 hours! I gave you more than 24 hours! You should be thankful! I have responsibilities as a bailer!’
So I offered some conciliatory words and said ‘ok ok fine’ I’ll meet you, and to further placate him and ensure he didn’t discharge himself, I also said I would attend the play (Yeah, I never wanted to go to the play, it was in a state of fear which is why I ended up going, sorry Alfian)

And just from that simple refusal of one request, that I eventually acceded to, he said:

‘Initially I had intended to give you your space and only meet up once a week. But now, seeing how you refused a simple meet-up with your bailer. I now want to meet you, every day’

And ever since then, he demanded, without fail, for me to meet up with him, every day.

For 9 days, I had to go from Bishan, , all the way to City Hall, Orchard or his house at Clementi, to meet up with him for 2-3 hours. There was no important issue to discuss about, any information I needed to provide to him in lieu of the lawyers or my court case, he just demanded to meet up with him every day with absolutely no good reason whatsoever.

A daily meeting with meeting with Vincent would go like this: We would sit and he would ask a question, and I would issue a really short response.Then there will be these really long pauses in between sentences as Vincent desperately tries to find another topic to ease the awkwardness, it was simply unbearable.

And every day I would constantly say to him ‘I do not like these meetings,can we please stop having so many meetings and just have them once a week? You know I don’t like these meet-ups, so why do you keep on doing this?’

And one day he replied, and believe me, I am not lieing, he said:

‘I know that you do not like these meetings Amos. And I am doing this, because I like to piss you off.’
It’s amazing how a sadist can manipulate others into thinking he’s a kind and generous person, maybe that’s what he meant when he said when he was a follower of Jesus.

I also asked:

‘Don’t you think it would be better if a relationship is 2-sided? Don’t you feel like our conversation would be more productive and fulfilling it if I don’t go in reluctantly.’

And he replied:

‘No no it’s fine Amos, looking at your behavior now, I already like to see and talk to you Amos. You are exciting and fascinating to me’

Wow… I can see how he manages to turn his wife on in bed.

On several occasions, he would initiate another theological debate and then when his argument was being torn down, he would threaten to discharge himself as my bailer.

And whenever I expressed further displeasure and reluctance on meeting him every day, he would then, once again, threaten to discharge himself as my bailer.

One time, my mother accompanied me to meet with Dodwell (My lawyer), to write my affidavit. After meeting the lawyer, Vincent with his continued insistence of his daily meetings, told me to see him in City Hall at 5:30pm. However, the meet-up with Dodwell stretched on for much longer than we initially expected, and I definitely couldn’t make it to City Hall on time.

So my mother decided that since I couldn’t make it on time, and since Dodwell wanted to me to further assist him on the preparation of the bail review, she would urge Vincent to cancel the meet-ups for a few days.
She texted Vincent:

‘Alfred needs Amos to do quite a lot of stuffs today n tmr. Can the meetings be cancelled till Thursday?’
And he replied word for word, and I quote:

‘He’s hiding behind your back. If you back hi now… I’d defer to u. U decide.’

How the hell am I hiding behind my mother’s back? I’m right beside her in the lawyer’s office.
And since then, my mother too was introduced to Vincent Law’s insanity.

One time because I accidentally forgot to charge my phone for the night, I went out with a power-less phone.
My mother had followed me to meet with IO Jason Chua that morning, and apparently Vincent, who called me more than 7 times prior, contacted my mother expressing that he’ll discharge himself, who then passed me her phone. And once again I was inflicted with Vincent’s incessant shouting:

‘It is your responsibility Amos to charge your phone at night! It is your responsibility to be contactable at all times! I am your bailer and I need to be able to contact you!’

I said sorry, sorry, I’ll immediately charge my phone once it gets back as he continued belching his lecture on responsibility.

And from that one accident, he demanded that I had to call him every morning at 8am, I expressed displeasure and reluctance in doing so however he said that if I didn’t, he would discharge himself as my bailer(Yeah it was really that repetitive).

Another instance, Vincent even started whining to me in a shrieking voice and said, ‘You know how many hate messages I have gotten once I became your bailer! You know how many people have criticized me on Facebook? You better appreciate what I’m doing for you!’

Buddy, you’re the one who went up and said you wanted to be my bailer, now that it’s not going favorably for you ,that’s your fucking problem not mine, I’m not going to be sympathetic to any of your whining. And I do not appreciate a fucking thing that you did, no matter how much you want it. Appreciation is earned, not demanded.

And another day at his house, he told me:

‘Hi I just watched the video you made last time. The ‘My lost love’ one. I think it would be really great if you and I could get together with that girl you had a crush on, and then perhaps I can interview her.’

And by this point I was just rendered speechless.

Keep in mind, this is a youth counsellor, this is a person is that is said to have an understanding of youths. People who possess this quality of understanding, is allowed to attain a certification in Singapore, to become counsellors and psychiatrists. So now you see the reason why I did not continue my sessions at IMH.

Furthermore, Vincent imposed the rule, that I am never allowed to take pictures with anyone while he was my bailer

Now seeing the wide gamut of said bail condition (Not to post, upload, or otherwise distribute any comment or content, whether directly or indirectly, to any social media or online service or website, while the current case is ongoing) , if someone took photos with me, I technically would have breached the bail condition. But I never got caught for that, just like I never got caught when I liked Facebook posts.

If anyone ever requested to take a picture with me, I had always obliged, they get to post it on Instagram, it possibly makes their day, and I feel happy.

If something was against the rules but it was harmless, and I enjoyed it and I never got caught, I and everyone else would continue doing it. It’s kind of like the law against piracy. It’s there, but we all still use torrent.

So whenever Vincent wasn’t around, I still took pictures with fans when they wanted it. But whenever he was, my gosh…

Some fellow background actors after their performance in Public Enemy (Which was by the way absolutely horrible) wanted to take a couple of pictures with me. Then I said yeah sure, it’s all good fun.

However Vincent disagreed, and then started to make this huge scene just outside the entrance, and there were several witnesses, Roy Ngerng was there. Vincent stood at the center, incessantly pointing his index finger at my face and proclaiming ‘It’s your responsibility Amos! It’s your responsibility if you take pictures with other people! I don’t want you to break the terms of the bail! I have responsibilities as a bailer!’
And I just stood there flabbergasted and embarrassed, trying to placate him, just wishing that he would stop.
And because those background actors were non-questioning, conformist amateurs, the type who blindly follows everything that they are told (Which probably explains the quality of their performance), they nodded subserviently to Vincent and were like:

‘ Oh yeah yeah yeah.. we don’t want to give trouble to all of you, we don’t want to give trouble to anyone’
Seeing how angry and riled up Vincent gets whenever somebody wishes to take a picture of me, I kind of have this really weird vibe, and I hope it doesn’t seem overt to say this, but it seems as though he’s jealous that I am getting attention. Well I am the guy who went to prison for an internet video, so I think some people would be interested.

Come on Vincent, you no gotta be jealous, the one that has fame isn’t necessarily better, if you want fame and attention so much then go make your own viral video dude, don’t vent all your frustrations on me.

The turmoil of meeting Vincent Law daily, was excruciating, it felt as though I’m stuck with this mentally unsound person, obligated to act as one of those central aspects of his life to make him feel less lonely.
However, as the days went by, I became more accustomed to the scenario, and thought of a way, to perhaps use the circumstance to my advantage.

I knew that I was obligated to meet him every day, and I couldn’t escape it. So instead of being all namby-pamby pussy, acting all vulnerable and weak, why not I turn the tables around, and let me be the bad guy, and instead of him fucking me, I fuck him.

What frightens a mental psychotic, is another mental psychotic. I had to become more insane than Vincent. He knew that I did not like meeting him. So I turned it around, and made his meetings with me as painful for him as possible.

He wanted to talk to me, so I did. I constantly criticized him, insulted his career choice, and continued to engage in theological debates with him, and blatantly revealed the falsehood and bullshit of every one of his supposedly Christian tenants.

The aspect of the bible that we argued the most about was the infamous bear story, where God chose to summon a bear to maul a group of boys after they made fun of a bald priest.

The verse was from 2 Kings 2:23: ‘some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” 24 He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the LORD. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys’
I of course said that this was quite evident that God was a mass murderer. And he refuted that claim, and I’m not even joking, it really is that stupid, and it really provided me further insight to the extent of just how delusional a religious person can be, and he said:

‘the verse says that some boys came out of the town. But then in the end they said that 42 boys were mauled by a bear. Since before they only said some boys, there could have been more than 42 boys initially. There could have been 100, there could have been 200, therefore once some of the boys saw the bear, they might have ran away, they might have took. Therefore since it is so vague, this verse is open to interpretation, therefore it can be argued that God did not actually summon those bears and killed those children for making fun of that bald priest, therefore he is not a mass-murderer!’

Wow….Wow……. Just…. Wow……..

I had to push my limits and frequently curb my anger at witnessing how someone can be inane to such an extent, not revealing at all that I felt vulnerable, and continued to remain measured and refute him with logic. Every time I would leave the meetings with a sore throat. I continued to talk to him, and talk to him good because I knew I had turned the tables around, he was the vulnerable one, not me, and now I am the one that is fucking with him.

And whenever he threatened to discharge himself again (I counted 9 times), I would disingenuously pacify him and be all like:

‘Dude, it’s all cool man, chill man, peace dude’ (I started to talk like a hippy)

I would manipulate him into thinking that we are experiencing hostility between us, but this is the process that will lead us into forging an everlasting friendship. And being the sociopathic dumbass that he was, he actually bought it.

He was convinced to such an extent, that just for a short moment, Vincent might even have thought that he was forging a genuine relationship, that I had reciprocated (Hah!). He felt so comfortable with me, that he even revealed a little vulnerable side of him, about the neglect that he had with his father when he was a child.
However, that still did not at all curb the absolute anger and turmoil that I had to face while engaging in 9 days of conversation with him, and also doesn’t discount the fact that while he was sharing his little melancholic story about how he would always look out the window at night to see if his father had reached home, I really did not give a fuck.

And by that time, just one day before the court, I had finished writing, I was going to breach the terms of the bail.

Part 3: Beyond the valley of Vincent’s sodomy

In the morning at around 4:30am, I breached the terms of the bail, posted 10 posts online, and from that, I was free. I did not have to follow any of Vincent’s rules anymore, I did not have to meet up with, I did not have to speak to him ever again, I was free.

Why I didn’t do it earlier and reduced the torment that I had to endure from Vincent? It was simply the fact that I wasn’t finished yet. IO Jason Chua and molester Vincent really took up a lot of time during those days.
Fucking enraged that I had broken the terms of the bail, and that he had been ineffectual bailer, when I was going to meet up with the lawyers just before court, Vincent would constantly call me, which I ignored, and spam messages on my phone like ‘traitor’, ‘liar’, ‘you can’t be trusted’.

Such biting words, I feel the guilt coursing through my veins.

And during the PTC when I was outside of court, discussing with Dodwell whether or not to compromise to the demands of the prosecutor concerning the terms of my bail. Vincent, who laughably with the impression that I had still wanted to continue having him as a bailer, told me ‘If I am to continue being your bailer, I am going to impose a new set of rules, and you have to follow them’

And since I had already broken the terms of the bail and did not have to suck up to him so that he would continue being my bailer, I obviously replied with a resounding ‘fuck no’.

And after that, seeing how in front of the judge, he discharged himself with such immediacy, was just so revealing.

Before I entered Changi Prison I told my mother and several of my activist buddies, that I absolutely hated Vincent and hope to not ever associate with him ever again in the future. And when I came out of Changi Prison, I found out that they did convey that message to him.

However, he, not respecting my decisions at all, insisted on adamantly jutting himself into other people’s personal life when nobody wanted him.

He went to most of my court hearings when I was shackled, he was the first few people I saw the instance I went out of prison and came out of the bail center (Oh the horror).

He even signed all the forms to visit me in Prison , though he couldn’t visit me because it takes 2 weeks to process those forms and before that I was already out(Otherwise I would probably be the only person in Changi Prison history to refuse a face-to-face visit).

And if any of you out there who had the opportunity to see me during the few times I was at court, handcuffed and chained, particularly during the bail review, you might have noticed that whenever I was unfortunate enough to slip into the horrid realms of Vincent’s eye contact, I would respond by flipping him the sanctimonious finger.

So when I was in Changi Prison, I had already intended to publicly humiliate Vincent. The initial idea was to have a really large party celebrating my release, inviting as many activists, politicians and people as possible, and also invite Vincent too. And then afterwards I will give a speech which turns out to be a vicious admonishment and reveal of the torture that Vincent had inflicted on me. Vincent would then stand there mouth agape, if he in a moment of fury, leaped onto me and started punching me on the ground, that would have been ever better. Roy Ngerng will film that live footage, give the files to me and I’ll post it on Youtube.

However,when those reporters came to my doorstep and a little morning walk catalyzed the idea of issuing a spectacular troll to the mass media, I felt like I needed that extra spice that would be able to disrupt all the reporters in their work, and have them flooding to Pasir Panjang.

And then it hit me, Vincent Law, youth counsellor molesting Amos Yee. I could achieve 2 goals at once. The amalgamation of those 2 aspects , humiliating Vincent law and trolling the media, was impeccable.

Part 4: A discourse in lieu of child pedophilia
In the presence of other people, as we met up with Roy Ngerng, Vincent’s friends and the creators of Public Enemy (Who were exceptionally nice people. They are horrible as artists, but pretty great as people) they would be fooled by Vincent and deem him as a kind-hearted bailer. He helped children and migrant workers, he treated everyone to food, and because I had to continue sucking up to him because otherwise he would threaten to discharge himself, I had to make him seem like he was the best bailer in the world, in front of everyone.
And whenever Vincent wasn’t around and I tried to express the turmoil I had to endure from meeting Vincent every day, people would all just be like ‘Oh.. This is Vincent’s just doing his job as a bailer, Vincent is just fulfilling his responsibilities as a bailer’

Even my good activist buddy, Shelley, when I told her about the intimidations that Vincent made on me, tried to speak up for her dear friend Vincent and say ‘This might just be one of the counselling techniques that Vincent wanted to use on you’

Wow, his mistreatment and intimidation towards me, is deemed as a ‘counselling technique’, if this is truly one of Vincent’s techniques he uses as a Youth counsellor, then you can see why I would feel absolutely no remorse if he loses his job.

Also concerning his job, I know people are especially angry that I accused him of molestation because he is a youth counsellor, and since he has been accused, parents would not ever want to send their children over to be counselled by him, because I had already sowed doubt.

But even though he didn’t molest me, seeing what he said and the ‘counselling techniques’ he used on me, I think it would be wise for parents to not hire Vincent for their children. Unless you feel that emotional torment is helpful to your child emotional state, though the view of which is unsurprising since that would be the mentality that you hold when you decide to put your children in schools.

The time I had to endure Vincent, I felt like his puppet, a little toy that he could play with. He did not treat me like a person, he treated me like an object, a slave.

First the Government, then my father, and then Vincent, I’m really always getting incessantly victimized aren’t I?

Now you might be asking, why the hell did I accede to his demands? Couldn’t I just change the bailer to someone who wasn’t a dick?

Surprisingly while I was in prison conceptualizing how I was going to breach the terms of the bail again, I never considered the implications of who my bailer was when I eventually breached my bail, but during the time that I was outside, I soon did. I realized that my initial ignorance and Jonovan’s piss-poor decision actually lead to a great person to be the victim when I broke the terms of the bail.

Because initially I had the impression that the bailer’s reputation would be stained if their fellow bailee broke the terms of the bail. If I had a bailer that I liked, I wouldn’t want to do that to them. However if it was an asshole that was my bailer, like Vincent Law, then I would.

He might have to forfeit $20000 (Though if that happened, I would reimburse him), but more importantly, since he often acted as a bailer to other people such as migrant workers, and since I had breached the terms of the bail, his reputation could potentially be stained as a bailer, and he wouldn’t have any opportunities to ever carry out his job.

However because the judge decided to not fully revoke my bail and wanted to ‘give me a 2nd chance’ because I was ‘young’ and ‘immature’, Vincent did not have to forfeit anything and in lieu of his reputation as a person and a bailer, I don’t think it left the adverse effect on him that I had intended, though hopefully the previous accusation of molest and this post does.

And really Vincent being angry about an allegation of molest is just being pissed off by the response created by stupid people. If unlike the mass media one possesses an IQ that was more than 2 digits, one would probably have already guessed right from the start that it was all a troll.(Dick Ow.? Honestly… Dick Ow?)

I’m never affected by the response of stupid people because you should never be intimidated and stop doing what you love, just because many people are against you, especially when those people are fucking idiots. Which is why though I received a voluminous amount of hate mail, a hit in the face, and 18 days of jail, I’m still chugging along, day by day, continuing to produce the iconoclastic content on my Facebook and blog that you guys oh-so-love. And if those asshole policemen return my fucking camera, I can also continue making my videos too 😀

So right now Vincent is hogging my mother , demanding that I issue a public apology to him and his family, otherwise he would get a lawyer to sue me.

And I think that’s pretty clear enough evidence that Vincent Law, is a charlatan, Vincent Law is huckster, he is a hypocrite and he is a fraud.

He’s standing up for me, he’s fighting for freedom of speech, he’s fighting against the laws that claims that even if somebody lies, mocks or offends a person or large amounts of people, it should not be deemed as a criminal offence.

But now, when the cause that he so boldly advocated, is used unfavorably towards him, he is now threatening to use those exact same laws that he went against, to sue me, and yet you all claim that his intentions were genuine.

But let me tell you Vincent, if you do indeed sue me for defamation,then I’ll sue you for emotional abuse of a child. And seeing how I’m already baselessly deemed as a mentally disturbed teenager, I think the judge will look very favorably to my case.

So there you go. Ah hah! How about that bitch!

Oh and also, unbeknownst to me initially, my mother revealed that there is in fact a 2nd definition of the word ‘molest’. With reference to

tr.v. mo·lest·ed, mo·lest·ing, mo·lests
1. To disturb, interfere with, or annoy

And after you’ve read this tale you would know that Vincent did in fact disturb and annoy me.
So technically, Vincent didn’t molest me, but yet he did. The beauty of contrarieties in life.

Part 5 : Alas! Me fellow munchkins, we are about to conclude. At yonder Vincent trembles, relish me friends, haha!

My fellow friends, this is what happens when you get a Christian as a bailer.

But regardless of all those horrible things that he did to me, did that warrant a temporary accusation of molestation for 12 hours, that could potentially have ruined his relationship with his family, made him lose his job and his entire livelihood? Well… I thought it did.

Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold. And after my little accusation of molest, all is well and good. It was an ingredient to effectively troll the media, I managed to publicly humiliate Vincent, and after this incident he has decided to wash his hands off me and that means, I will never see or talk to him again (At least I hope).

If anybody was unfortunate enough to have to be obligated to associate with a person such as Vincent, then my gosh, I express my greatest sympathies. The experience was thoroughly traumatic for me I assure you. But like any tumultuous experience in my life, I got over it, and possibly became cooler in the process.

So there you go, I am done Wasn’t that an exciting story? I hope you enjoyed it. And now that I have finished telling the tale, your humble narrator shall depart and engage in another potentially new and exciting endeavor. Now that it has been written, we will go around, brother-in-arms, village to village, laughing, sharing and spreading the tale – of the molestation of Vincent Law. Have fun!



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