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The crowdfund for my court case is over, as of now I’ve managed to raise approximately 20 thousand dollars, and it’s a pretty awkward turn of events…

Because initially, I really thought that when I had broken the terms of the bail, I had to reimburse either my parents or Vincent (The molester), 20 thousand dollars. But the judge never fully revoked the bail, I mean right now I am still released on a bail of $10000 until my sentence (Oh and I would like to clarify, it is not my father who is currently my surety, but my mother, I don’t how you can fucking have a bailor you might be filing a restraining order on), so we never had to forfeit the $20000 that I would have taken from the crowdfund.

In addition to that 20 thousand dollars needed to pay for the bail, I also estimated an additional 10 thousand dollars needed to pay for all the court expenses, and therefore claimed I wanted to raise a total of 30k.

That estimate was really off, ultimately I didn’t really need that much money, in fact I don’t even think we’ve finished using up the $1500 deposit sent to my lawyers. Yeah, apparently if you play your cards right, a full-fledged trial can be that cheap.

I would have told you guys to stop donating because you didn’t have to anymore, but I was in prison so…

Now, I don’t want 20 thousand dollars just lying dormant in a bank account and neither do I think my fellow donatees do, so…. My fellow donatees, can I perhaps pocket the money? 😀

Now I do like to acknowledge that my crowdfunding is much, much less successful that Roy’s, because over the course of like a month, I raised 20 thousand dollars, but Roy was able to raise 36 thousand in the very first day, so I am highly jealous. But that’s great for Roy, because he actually had to pay his lawyers a really fucking hefty sum, while I didn’t.

So now I’m conflicted, and deciding whether or not I should pocket the money specifically meant for my court fees, to myself (I’m leaning towards yes). This is a problem you will face if you promise that you will only spend that money on a specific thing.

This is a problem, I wouldn’t be facing, in the next fund.

If you are a fervent fan and you like my videos, my blog or my Facebook posts, then do donate to:

My Paypal account : [email protected]

My Bank Account: OCBC SAVINGS : 656-9-110387 (Swift Code: OCBCSGSG)

Or if instead of giving money wholesale, you prefer monthly pledges, then I direct you to my patreon page:

This avenue to show support for my work will continue indefinitely. And this support of course, really helps in basic living expenses, which I acknowledge being underage and primarily living off my parents, I have not been inflicted with the issue of paying the bills, but I probably have to, and want to, deal with that soon.
In terms of my artistic endeavours, it will definitely help in attaining various equipment (Wacom Tablets, green screens, Legato Game Capture HD) And with those items, I can perhaps finally materialize the plethora of ideas I’ve been accumulating over the years, which could be extremely fun.

And also, since many people have been imploring me to go overseas, and escape the tumultuous, stifling atmosphere of authoritative dictators that plagues the very fabric of our nation’s social regime (My-my). You can potentially help in funding my plane ticket too.

And if I as a poor, innocent 17-year-old youth, unable to deal with the turmoil of Changi Prison, could have potentially come out as an emotionally distraught, raving lunatic. Therefore, you could also help in funding my psychiatric assistance too.

Now you might argue that at this point, I am engaging in what is known in internet culture as ‘e-begging’ and in some respects, you would be right. I desire acknowledgement for my work, in the form of money, so that I have the means to buy some stuff that I like. Is that a bad thing? Haha no, why would it be?

So do show your support and donate, and for the umpteenth time (I really can’t think of any truly creative ways on how to say ‘thank you’)I can’t express my absolute gratitude for you doing so.

I would end off by making some sort of reference to jelly, but bananas are pretty cool too. See you around!


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OCBC SAVINGS : 656-9-110387 (Swift Code: OCBCSGSG)

Paypal: [email protected]

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