SDP In Retreat

No, don’t get all excited, PAP. We’re just taking the opportunity to get away and spend some time re-charging our batteries, getting ready to make the big push for the coming GE.

Retreat 2015 was held over this weekend in Desaru in Johor and participants got into the swing of things as we headed outdoors and enjoyed some of the sea, surf and sun.

It’s a great way for the SDP family to come together and get to know one another better. More than 60 delegates attended this year’s event. It is the first time since 2007 that the retreat is held away from Singapore.

Team-building (see photo as participants built a human pyramid) took centre stage. It is only when members work together as a single unit that success is possible.

The day saw a volleyball match that pitted our Women Democrats against their male counterparts. For the record, the women won.

There was also a belly flop contest in the pool – the identity of the winner will not be revealed.

The retreat was also an occasion for us to sharpen our plans for the elections. Discussion sessions were held to identify weaknesses in our operations and processes drawn up to address these areas of deficit.

One major point that emerged from the discussion was the plan to expand and deepen our grassroots campaign.

The coming weeks and months will see the party reach out even more to Singaporeans and involve them more in our push for victory.

It is the passion of our members and volunteers that enable the various units to operate effectively and bring our message home to the electorate. This commitment will only intensify in the lead up to the GE.

But for this weekend, it was a time to relax and re-charge. It was a great weekend made better great comradeship.

GE 2015, here we come!




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