PRC Company’s Slipshod Work Will Pose Danger To Singapore Residents

Normally I wouldn’t write about this, but a recent incident has reminded me to warn everybody about these unscrupulous PRC contractor companies.

Few years ago I worked as a consultant for developer to check on the safety and building quality of their contractors’ projects. This happen in 2010, and by then many of the construction contractors in Singapore were being run by PRC companies.

Many times when I went to check on their work, all of their work was slipshod and lousy. Cement mixture that is too diluted, cracks in structure beams and columns, missing ribald for on-site casting structures, you name it they do it! I remember I had to argue and scold so many managers from these PRC companies to get them to redo their poor quality work.

Some of them even have the cheek to offer me undertable money and say that if I close one eye, I can get benefits.

I told them, “f**k you, I am Singaporean!” I am responsible for the lives of the Singaporeans who live in these places.

These PRCs think that just because they are here to make a profit, they can simply cut costs and do dangerous practices.

Now I am retired. Almost all construction work is taken over by PRC companies in Singapore. I don’t dare to think if some of these buildings are structurally sound anymore. I can only hope the current batch of inspectors have Singaporean interests at heart.


Anonymous Retired Singaporean


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