Mohammed Zeyara: Men And Women Should Be Treated Equally In Islam

Many Muslim men after living a long life of practicing major sinful acts such as drinking, adultery, clubbing and so on, come back and repent to Allah swt. Alhamdulilah. However, when some of those men start looking for a wife, they look for someone who is as pure as a Mary (pbuh). Now that’s hard to grasp, but what is even harder to grasp and more sickening is when a man who did not even repent, practiceing a life of a non-Muslim, and still wants someone as pure as Mary (pbuh).

Question is, why did society make a female’s sin worth so much more than a male’s sin? A sin is a sin. Whether it’s from a male or a female. A girl having a *bad* history is worth the same as a guy having a bad history. A girl should not be ignored just because she once talked to a guy or because she did not wear the Hijab during a certain time of her life. Wallahi girls get pushed aside for the silliest reasons such as, “because her brother in law’s cousin’s brother’s son’s wife smokes Shisha…”

Please remember, Allah is the most fair. He will give you someone who you deserve. So the more you work on improving your self, the better your spouse will be inshaAllah.


Source: Mohammed Zeyara

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