Amos Yee: Haters Will Hate, And Still Read My Comments!

Something you guys should know about me is that I don’t read many comments or articles about myself, I just take a little glance at them.

And the reason why I don’t is because I know that there’s a considerable amount of people who have an opinion, who watches and reads content every day, but just doesn’t comment. Like me.

I have gushed at several Jontron and Cyriak videos, but I never ever comment on them, I don’t even press the ‘like’ button, I just enjoy it.

So with the knowledge of that, to try to accurately gauge whether or not your public reception is leaning towards the good or the bad, based on your comments section, is just an exercise in futility.

But I will acknowledge that I might be missing out some really great and insightful comments from not doing so.

So I don’t read much of my comments, but my mother sure does, she also frequently corrects the Grammar in my posts. And she noticed that the same exact haters, without fail, would comment on almost every one of my post, vehemently spamming and expressing their displeasure towards me.

I even have a list of their names, here you go:

Siao Ginna, AisinGioro YongZhen, Wen Quan, Linda Goh, Vickers HS , Sheryl Tan, Peter Lim, Tan Eng Jen, Somkiat L Chong, Grace Trivian Chua, Tong Chong Hin, Lim Riana,Francis Leong, Amos Yee Yaymos Hee, Lin Lin Ling, Ruth Wong, Oei Marantz, Rebecca Tay, Lee Choon Heng, Fated To Win, Buaya Buaya, Ronald Phua, Sage Lee

I’ve blocked most of them because the spam is tremendous, I don’t know why they simply insist on leaving multiple comments at once, and engage in these long conversations in the comments section, get a fucking private messenger jesus. .

So these haters, really don’t like my posts, find them utterly reprehensible, and yet you read them all the time. So basically, you guys are willingly torturing yourself every day.

Man…You guys gotta get some help dude..


Source: Amos Yee

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