Jover Chew Among Five Arrested Over Sim Lim Square Cheating Cases

Five men related to the now-defunct Mobile Air, including its owner Jover Chew, were arrested yesterday over a series of cheating cases at Sim Lim Square, The Straits Times understands.

Police said that they had received several reports against Mobile Air last year for dishonest sales practices in which mobile phone customers were coerced into buying mobile phones and in-house warranties at inflated prices.

These victims ended up paying for the devices at much higher prices or had to pay fees to cancel the deal.

Mr Chew, 32, and his shop became infamous after videos were posted in November of a crying Vietnamese tourist begging staff at the shop to refund his money.

After the video went viral, online vigilantes posted Mr Chew’s personal details online, driving him out of the mall.

The five men arrested were between 31 and 38 years old. They are to appear in court tomorrow.



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