MFA: Singaporean Reported Missing In Yemen Evacuated To Muscat

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has confirmed that a Singaporean man reportedly missing in war-ravaged Yemen was evacuated safely to Muscat on Monday (Jun 1).

Oman’s official news agency ONA said the Singaporean and an American man had been found and taken from Sanaa to the sultanate so that they could be sent home, after US reports suggested a few Americans had been detained by the Huthi militia group in the rebel-held capital.

ONA reported that Oman’s Sultan Qaboos had issued “orders to help the American and Singaporean governments regarding their two citizens who had gone missing in Yemen.

“Our Consulate-General in Muscat worked closely with the Omani authorities to locate and facilitate the evacuation of a Singaporean man in Yemen after we were informed of his whereabouts,” said an MFA spokesman in a statement to Channel NewsAsia. The ministry also thanked the Omani government for its help.

MFA added that it is in touch with the Singaporean man, and has been rendering the necessary consular assistance. “We can also confirm that he is in good health,” it said.

The ministry said there are still more than 30 registered Singaporeans in Yemen, after its Consulate-General in Muscat helped 11 to leave the country last week.

“MFA continues to keep in close touch with the remaining Singaporeans in Yemen. We hope that they will heed our advice and leave as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.



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