Calvin Cheng: I Don’t Care About Becoming Mr. Popular And Running For Political Office

I think it’s known by now that I have strong opinions, and I am not afraid to voice them, even if if makes me hugely unpopular.

Popularity is entirely of no concern to me as I have no intention of ever running for elected office.

I am even willing to speak up on issues that make me unpopular with my own supporters. Like any conservative base anywhere else in the world, this includes people who are anti-LGBT and pro-death penalty. On these issues I have made my stance very clear that I think article 377a is discriminatory, and that the death penalty for drug offences should be abolished. This obviously caused consternation amongst my supporters, but if I don’t hold true to my beliefs, I will no longer be me.

However, as can be seen recently, people react nastily to my posts with abuse and vulgarities. I have been unfriended both online and offline.

This should not be the cost of people speaking up.

I have been receiving private messages of support from people who tell me they are scared to support me publicly and have begged me to keep their identity secret.

This is a sad state of affairs.

Finally, I give as good as I get. I believe passionately that in normal engagements just as in real life, one should start off being civil, courteous and nice. Always be as polite as possible.

However, I also believe, just like in real life, that the best way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. Meet strength with strength. Same with online trolls. Some people will not back off unless they know you refuse to be a victim and you will stand up for yourself, and give as good as you get. A certain amount of ruthlessness is necessary to deal with abusive people.

I hope this not only explains my stance online, but also the principles that guide me. I also hope that by sharing, some of the many people who have messaged me privately these few days will start standing up for yourselves.

If you keep relying on others to do it, one day they may decide they have had enough and stop bothering.


Source: Calvin Cheng

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