6.0 Trembler Rattles Sabah West Coast

US Geological Survey reports that the source of the earthquake occurred 19km North West of Ranau.

The earthquake with magnitude 6.0 occurred near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia at 7.15am today.

Road from KK to Ranau. -Viral photo from Facebook.

The tremor lasted for 30 seconds.

According to Ranau police, damages caused by the tremors to building nearby appear minimal, with several business premises in Ranau town reporting shattered windows.


Viral photo on Facebook.


Cracks narrowly miss hitting house. -Viral photo from Facebook

Damage caused by 6.0 Earthquake. -Viral photo from Facebook

Road from KK to Ranau. -Viral photo on Facebook.

Viral photo on Facebook

Viral photo on Facebook.



Source: www.theborneopost.com

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