Sabah Quake: Teachers Use Their Bodies To Shield Students

When the rocks and boulders shaken loose by the earthquake came tumbling down Mount Kinabalu last Friday, the Tanjong Katong Primary School teachers used their bodies to shield their students from getting hurt.

Parents of the students who survived the disaster told TODAY this and commended the bravery and selflessness of the teachers.

Ms Hazreen Hussain, 38, whose daughter was among those who have returned to Singapore, said: “From what I heard from the kids, teachers got up even though they were injured and some even took the blows to cover their students.

“If you ask me, the teachers are the heroes,” added the real estate agent.

Another parent, Mr Alec Wing, recounted his 12 -year-old son Tristan’s account: “When the earthquake struck, the teachers were all asking the kids to keep together and they were trying to block the kids and shield them from the boulders.”

He added that the school and teachers had gone beyond the call of duty.

“Many of the teachers who were with them (on the trip) put themselves in harm’s way and got injured pretty badly. Their spirit is really admirable,” said the permanent resident from Mauritius, who works in the technology sector.

Mr Hafiz Ahmad, who received his niece Amal Ashley Lim, one of the TKPS students who returned from Sabah on Saturday, also said one of the teachers had shielded her and a schoolmate under an overhang when the quake happened.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Education Minister Heng Swee Keat joined the parents in lauding the teachers as he gave an update on the two boys evacuated and flown back to a Singapore hospital in the morning.

“The parents said their boys told them their teachers shielded them from boulders. I am so moved by their strength and selflessness,” wrote Mr Heng.



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