One Month To Wedding And My Wedding Planner Is In Prison!

To future brides and grooms… pls take note if any of you had signed up bridal service or wedding deco package with Zul Radi, please please quickly search for back up replacement.

As personally, Im experiencing it right now. My wedding date left with only a month time from today and i didnt get to see the outcome of my dress. An appointment has been fixed for me on 23rd June with him but he was uncontactable since 16th June up till today.. I went to his shop twice on 23rd June but it was locked, no one is around.

Been searching high and low for him but nobody knows his whereabouts.. till 24th June, I was notified by his sister that he was held in remand Changi Prison, Wallahualam.

Was told again that he will be in for 6 mths or so for investigation. I Dont know what was his offence.

Zul Radi Police Report 1 Zul Radi Police Report 2

So i’ve lodged a police report and will proceed with CASE anytime this week.

Im trying to reach out to all upcoming brides and grooms that had hired his service to act fast on this.. find a back up and replacement asap. Do what is necessary for you.

All i wanna say is, im so disappointed with whatever had happened. Attached was the report i made yesterday and im gonna post this public.


Source: Nurul Anne

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