Erwin Shah Dawson: You Get Complete Freedom In Malaysia Where Islam Is Concerned

Regarding the recent article “Erwin Ingin Berhijrah Ke Malaysia Kerana Islam”

Lets clarify and go through this step by step, point by point.

1st) to recall word for word what i said will be close to impossible. But i recall my intentions of the article.

-the intention wasnt to badmouth or slander Singapore’s Islam. It was just a pleasant feeling to be in a place where one gets COMPLETE freedom where Islam is concerned.

•the fact u get Adhan loudly at almost every few kilometres during every waktu. We dont get that in Sg. Its a pleasant feeling to be hearing different Voices and different Intonations of Adhan . U cant disagree that Singapore disallows the Adhan to be recited out loud during Prayer Time. Basically, it feels nice for a change.

•the fact that our kids dont have to be restricted to only Madrasah Schools to be obliging our Islamic Laws on Aurah.
Sikhs can wear turban but Muslimahs cant wear Hijab? Freedom or not? U decide.

•the fact that every school will teach the basic of Islam since as early as Nursery.
We have been programmed to think that Government school offers better future in this modern world. Thus many of us Sgporean Muslims refuses to send our child to Madrasah School Instead.
Agree to Disagree

•People being rejected Jobs because they are Malays or Muslims.
Women do not get a job because they wear Hijab.

•I can go on about this, but thats not my point. There is no denying that certain aspects of our Beautiful Religion is being constrained by the government disguised in the name of Racial Harmony and whatever not. U cant disagree that this is true.

•Take Note that i dont think its a bad thing or so difficult to be A Muslim in Singapore, im just saying that is a nice feeling to see the complete freedom of Islam . Especially when u see ur own country facing Racial and Discrimination against Malays/Islam ,which is obvious but yet ppl seem to take it like it is Subtle .
In short, i didnt kutok my own country at all. Im just praising the COMPLETE freedom Malaysia has regarding Islamic Practices.

2) Ive spoken about this migration to various people. So perhaps some factors might have been missed out this time round. Either i forgot to say it, or they forgot to write it.
But here goes

• I have every intention to study Islam one day. And in Malaysia, there are various schools and Universities, and it is easily accessible to study Islam where Certifications are concerned.
Whereas in Singapore, it is really limited.

So , is it wrong that im migrating becos the study of Islam is easily accessible as compared to where i was born? Am i lying or am i just stating facts? U decide

3) the ones yg easily melatar or jumped to conclusions base on what one party interpreted. The comments u people give out ,seriously?
Mengata, menghina, menyindir, perli,
Fooh, sangat Muslim prangai korang ye😅. Renungkanlah prangai korang yg mengata ye.

4) The only major Question i have is this, where was it stated or mentioned that i critisized Singapore or their Muslims AT ALL? Can show me

And yes, it is also because i wana pursue my career . Its related but not solely the reason for it.

Slamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin , Maaf kalau ade silap kata atau terkasar bahasa. Assalamualaikum.


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