Chinese-Muslim RSN Regular Allegedly Subjected To Mental Torture Through Racist Abuse, RSN And MINDEF Must Investigate


Come across this ig post from a girl

From what she say, her boyfriend is a chinese-muslim convert who is facing a lot of racist bullying on the ship he posted to as a navy regular.


Afnie Mardinee And Dylan Khalid

The regular like lost because of the bullying.  you read for yourself. guarantee darah up when u read.

Afnie Mardinee Story 1

Afnie Mardinee Story 2

Afnie Mardinee Story 3

I got to a point where enough is enough. How would you feel when your other half complains to you every single day, about the same thing over and over again? I kept on repeating “just endure for five years”. It’s easy for me to say as I’m not in his shoes.

My boyfriend is a regular from the Republic Of Singapore Navy (RSN).

The only Muslim onboard the ship. By being the only Muslim, he is often being discriminated for “betraying” his own race. Instead of calling him by his name, which is stated clearly on his name tag, several people onboard calls him “Muslim, Terrorist, ISIS, Malay, Mat or Kiao Tor (a derogatory term for Malays) etc”.

This has been ongoing for almost half a year since he was posted onboard the ship.

It started when a high ranking officer onboard the ship calls him by his religion instead of his own name.

There is a saying, “If the upper beams is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant”. To out in simpler words, if a leader sets a bad example, it will be followed by his subordinates and true enough, many of the lower ranking crews has started calling my boyfriend by racial or religious remarks.

To top that up, some have even made fun of his religion or made the effort to convince him to go against his religion. E.g – Just eat the pork la, Allah won’t see, Allah won’t know, Allah off day today. -.-? Drinking and eating in front of his face with the intention to disturb him while he’s fasting during ramadhan. Telling him that he is a real Muslim because he’s not circumcised yet. Thus, he’s able to drink,eat pork and all. – Muslims all terrorists, are you gonna bomb the ship? – Malay people are all poor. – Malay people like to steal.

There are other things that he mentioned and complained to me about.But, however, I’m unable to recall every single one of them. These are the few points which I could remember.

The Navy and Mindef must investigate this and punish all the people who bully this Muslim convert, how can they anyhow call him a terrorist and ask him to eat pork? so what he not yet circumcise?

Muis and Minister Yaacob must also give stern warning to everyone, any racist in Singapore will not be free. Navy already not so many Malays or Muslims but after this you think people still want to sign on?



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