Facebook Seller Does Not Want To Give Me My Products Or Refund Me

On the 15/08/2015 I made a transaction of $120 to the account number provided by the fb online seller Zs Razak. After that she gave another account number to transfer another $20. She cited this was her personal acc and the other was the supplier’s! This $20 was her commission.

Well, that aside. She told me she posted out the items i had ordered on 17/08/2015. When she gave the pic of her postage of items, i noticed that the blk address was written wrongly and the postal code was correct. When i pointed it out to her, she told me to wait for a week for her to update on the outcome. And finally on 24/08, i told her i want a refund.

She refused saying she also has lost the items on her part. Being a online seller, she was not even apologetic and was very rude to me. Calling me names and saying stuff through her personal fb acc; Rama Suma Abhy! Of course $140 is not a small amount but i believe customers must be treated must better than what she has done.

All i want to do is to raise awareness of who she is and please be warned as she is a cheater. Now she has a new fb acc as well. Do not purchase anything from her as i am not the only one affected.You may see my fb profile Sher Rome Lius for more information and all the rude stuff she said via fb chat.

Below is her picture. Pls be alert.

Ms Rina
A.S.S. Contributor


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