Walid J Abdullah – An Appeal To The Politicians

Appeal to the Politicians:

Dear politicians,

This is not an attempt at analyzing the intricacies of the elections. Nor is this an attempt at a pseudo-intellectual post. And this is most definitely not a ‘politicized’ status (since the ‪#‎sonofsimei‬ is not running for elections).

This a sincere appeal from a Singaporean.


I believe that as a Singaporean, I do not need politicians to show your sincerity by running from house to house – while being recorded – during hustings.

I do not need you to tell me about a touching email you received from one person you helped before.

I do not need you to preach to me about ‘knowing the ground’.

I do not need you to take the bus once to show me that you are a man on the ground.

I most definitely do not need you to make scathing personal remarks against your political foes (especially when they are not funny or witty, AT ALL!!!!!!!!!).

I do not need you to say your opponents visit the estate once in every 5 years.

I do not need you to get down on your knees, smile so much and display a newfound sense of humility ONLY during election time.

I do not need you to tell me that you need to explain your policies better.

I do not need you to speak for me, behind closed doors.


I do need you to visit my house when it is not election time (and you can walk slowly, don’t have to run).

I do need you to actually reply to my emails.

I do need you to listen to what i have to say, so that i can help you understand the ‘ground’ better.

I do need you to raise transport issues in Parliament – not raise transport costs – even if you do not regularly take the public transport.

I do need you to display some wits and humour in your speeches in an intelligent manner (seriously, i do not need more colourless characters in my life, what more those who think they are funny when actually they are really talking nonsense).

I do need you to stop saying your opponents do not show up when i have never/rarely seen you in my neighbourhood before!!!!! (By the way, it is not the duty of un-elected politicians to visit people, though of course, it would factor in our voting decision. But it IS the obligation of elected MPs to visit their wards, and those who are never seen, are skiving!)

I do need you to be humble in your daily duties. Do not show this humility only during hustings, and then put it back inside the closet for the next 5 years.

I do need you to understand that when I disagree with your policies, it is because i think they are flawed, not because they have not been explained well-enough.

I do need you to represent me in Parliament. So that i can take account of who exactly is speaking up for me, and what exactly are the responses given. When i give you my opinion, even if you disagree, listen. And even if you disagree still, bring it up in Parliament. I do hope you do not forget that a huge part of your duty is to represent me in Parliament, so try listening to me more than you try to justify your party’s policies to me.


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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