All 3700 Livestock For Hari Raya Haji’s Korban Ritual Sold

Members of the public have taken up all 3,700 livestock for the Korban rites to be carried out on Hari Raya Haji next Thursday.

The sales of the 2,000 Australian sheep and 1,700 Irish lambs across all 25 mosques in Singapore have been “overwhelming”, Singapore Mosques Korban Committee chairman Rashid Ramli said yesterday.

The committee had secured 200 more animals for Korban this year and at a lower price, with each sheep priced at S$490, S$9 less than last year and each lamb at S$570, down S$5 from the year before.

“We thank the community for the continuous support in ensuring that the syiar (religious observance) of Islam continues in Singapore,” Mr Rashid said. “Preparations at all participating mosques are on track, and the committee seeks the blessings and prayers of the community that Korban rites will proceed smoothly.”

The act of Korban is an Islamic ritual that involves slaughtering livestock and distributing the meat to the needy to mark Hari Raya Haji.



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