Some SAF Medical Officers Are Too Much!

Anyone finds SAF medical officers are damn f*cked up?

They think everyone is here to keng and refuse to help you even thou you are a genuine case i met one of this damm mo

Like time moi got gout the MO die die don’t believe claim so young how can have gout. Then one time the gout strike on a weekend and by Monday morning still can’t walk and book-in. But the CSM die die want moi to come back camp to leeport sick said smlj if can’t walk how you go see doctor get MC. Then threaten if don’t book in will send RP.

So LLST drag moi self take cab back. But worst ish the cheesepie RSM don’t allow moi taxi to drive all the way into MC (it was at least a 1km walk from the gate) So have to drop off and basically crawl moi self to the MC under hot sun, still ganna jeer by RMS and his RP as acting.

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