Former Air Force General Triple-Promoted To Senior Minister Of State

Former Air Force General and first term PAP MP Ng Chee Meng who has zero experience in managing the Transport ministry has been “triple-promoted” to become a Senior Minister of State in Transport.

Typically, a rookie MP will be first promoted to become Acting Ministers, and once they are in the position and gained experience for around two or three years, they become full Ministers. In Singapore, a full Minister will only become a Senior Minister after at least a term of 5 years. Although there is no directive, the traditional progression should be from Parliamentary Secretary, then to Senior Parliamentary Secretary then to Minister of State and then finally the Senior Minister of State. However, it seems not the case for first term PAP MP Ng Chee Meng who became Senior Minister right away on Lee Hsien Loong’s order.

Ng Chee Meng has been in the military all his life and never once stepped into the private sector nor into governance. His new appointment has no backing of merit, experience and credibility. Public confidence of Singapore’s public transport is already at its all-time low and looks poised to worsen.

Another first term MP rookie is Ong Ye Kung, who was also promoted to Senior Minister of State for Defence, when he has zero experience handling the ministry. It appears anyone can be a Senior Minister in Lee Hsien Loong’s new cabinet.



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