Starbucks Is Not Halal!

Some people really have very vivid imaginations eh? From a simple fact that Starbucks is not certified halal, they can spin theories about how pork fat is deliberately included as an ingredient in their food and drink to trick Muslims because Starbucks is a Jewish company bent on killing Palestinians. Like conspiracy theory much siol~

starbucks tak halal


While this may seem funny at first, the underlying naivete behind such ridiculous conspiracy theories is alarming and a cause of concern. Malicious intent aside, such a mentality reflects an overly sensitive frame of mind towards any real or perceived slight to the Muslim faith, and seeks to take offense at any and every instance. This is dangerous because these people can be easily indoctrinated and manipulated by others who espouse radical religious views, or may even be recruited by those with malicious intent to cause harm to others. In this age where terrorism is a real threat to our global and national security, we should all be responsible for our thoughts, words and behaviours and educate those who may have the wrong understanding of our faith.

Starbucks may not be halal, but all Muslims have the prerogative to choose whether they will patronise the cafe or take their business somewhere else halal. There is no need to propagate false claims about its products or poltically align the company with murderous objectives just because it did not meet your religious standards. The sooner we learn that the world does not revolve around our religion, the easier it will be for us to lead our lives.

For the record, Starbucks Singapore has never claimed to be a halal establishment and has even previously clarified that even though they are not certified halal, it does not serve pork or alcohol in their stores.

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