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A&W’s Comeback To Singapore Plagued By ‘Halal Not Halal’ Issue.. Seriously?

Yes, again the ‘Halal Not Halal’ issue is baccccccccck and the TRENDING┬árestaurant that everyone is talking about now is A&W Singapore. “We gave up. The queue was 1 hour.” Said one of the kiasu patrons of A&W on its first…
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Geylang Ramadan Bazaar Focused On Muslim Owners And Their Products/Services In The 80s And 90s

We are seeing too many non-Muslim Owned stalls in Geylang, the heart of the Malay (I shall not delete this, but I stand corrected as it shld be generally just Muslim) Muslim community “get-together” place for Ramadan and Eid celebrations….
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ISURAMUYA Japanese Restaurant At JCube Is Not MUIS Halal-Certified

Dear Muslim people in this FB Group, Please take note! ISURAMUYA Japanese Restaurant at Jcube is NOT HALAL CERTIFIED BY MUIS. The restaurant DO NOT HAVE any Halal certification awarded by MUIS. However, the restaurant FB page indicates that it…
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